Interview: launches Fashiola app in the UK, France, Spain & Germany

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Fashiola, or as it’s known in the Netherlands, is the search engine that is shaking up the way fashionistas find and shop apparel online.

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Not only does the ‘Fashion Finder’ make it possible to browse 1,600 brands from 80 webshops, they enable the user to tailor their search with a number of filters including size, price, colour, discount code and delivery time, allowing easy comparison of products across different stores.

What’s more, following the success of the Kleding app in the Netherlands, Fashiola has launched their app in the UK, France, Spain and Germany. We asked Peter Langenkamp CEO of Fashiola to find out more about what the app has to offer users, advertisers and the triumphs and challenges along the way.

Q: Following its launch in the Netherlands, the Kleding app received over 50,000 downloads during the first three months. What do you think the biggest contributing factors are to its popularity with users?

A:We have a growing user base and have seen traffic to our mobile site and  from mobile devices increase rapidly. With our native iOS and Android apps, we make sure that users get the best possible mobile experience. Every function in the app is centred on our goal, finding the right product for the user, the fastest way possible.

And it works – for example we can see that our app users save far more products as their favourites, compared to site users. Users can easily re-use this favourite list on their desktop, when they want to make the purchase they didn’t have time to on their way to work or waiting for the train. What’s more, we can send them a push notification to their mobile device, when the prices of their favourite items drop. This feature is truly something our users love!

Q: Which channels did you find most effective for promoting the app and gaining visibility in the app stores?

A: We promoted the app using a multichannel strategy. Last summer we launched a TV and radio campaign, which had two goals: Increasing brand awareness and introducing our app. Our website’s technology recognises mobile devices visiting our sites and notifies users that they can download our app.

We use Facebook to target our website visitors, asking them if they want to install the app. We approached bloggers/influencers to use and review our app.  Utilising all of these channels contributed to the success and steady growth of our user base, which is currently close to 100,000 users.

Q: What are your plans to try and replicate success in other European countries?

A: We launched the Fashiola app just before Christmas last year. We are planning a marketing campaign in multiple countries, until then, we are using all of the marketing channels that we have also used for the app, except for TV and Radio.

In our experience, the best marketing is word of mouth, which is why we focus on making sure that our users have the best user experience in their local version of the app.

Q: It’s rare that an app launches without a hitch! What are the biggest challenges you have experienced along the way?

A: Where to start! Mobile screens are small, and we have so much to offer. That is probably the biggest challenge – less is more. Making sure that we only show the user what they need, and putting everything else on the most convenient place on their screen.

Continuously testing and asking for feedback has helped us greatly and we are very proud of the end result (which will never be finished in our eyes!).

Q: What are the biggest advantages retailers can gain by partnering with the app?

A: Our primary focus has been offering a great user experience, as previously mentioned. We are now looking to introduce promotional opportunities to our advertisers that do not interfere with that.

For instance, we will offer to send push notifications, targeted to specific users, based on their behaviour in the app. We also have a specific mobile algorithm that changes the order of products based on KPI’s gained from mobile devices. And of course, the first things the user sees in the app – the splash screen and front page – have great promotional and exposure value.

As always, we combine all of these assets into a campaign across all devices and platforms, making sure that our advertisers will get the most exposure!

Q: Any exciting upcoming plans for Fashiola or the app that you’d like to highlight?

A: Yes, we are expanding! Two more countries will be launched very soon in the north and the south of Europe. We will also be announcing some exclusive partnerships in the near future. Unfortunately I  can’t go into detail at this time, so stay tuned! :)

If you’re interested in partnering with Fashiola, please get in touch with Melani Kumaladewi.