Links of London incentivise best selling bracelet for April

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Iconic jewellery brand, Links of London continues to captivate customers as they become Advertiser of the Month throughout April.

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Tying in with the 15 year anniversary of the Sweetie Collection, Links of London are offering the affiliate channel a striking incentive. We speak to Andreia Silva, Online Marketing Manager at Links of London to find out how publishers can get involved. 

This month marks 15 years of the Sweetie Collection, why has the Sweetie bracelet been such a best seller for the brand?

The Sweetie bracelet has become a Links of London’s global best-seller due to its innovative personalisation through meaningful charms. This unique feature was very popular 15 years ago and gained an iconic status through which the brand is still known for nowadays.

 Throughout Easter weekend, you are looking to get customers involved with the product, are you looking to target new or existing customers with this push?

The aim is to introduce the Iconic Sweetie bracelet to new customers and to reengage with customers that already have the bracelet – encouraging them to redefine their style and how they wear it.

 Your Advertiser of the Month incentive is focused on this bespoke messaging, how important is it for the affiliate channel to support campaigns like this?

As with any other brand message, our affiliates are key to enable us to amplify our reach and influence new audiences.

 What are your tips for Awin publishers looking to promote this collection on their website?

Focus on the Iconic Sweetie as well as our core product – bracelets as a whole - with special focus on personalisation, individual style which can be translated in different forms:

  • We want to show customers how to redefine the Iconic Sweetie bracelet – new ways to style it and wear it
  • How it layers with other products and stacks of bracelets
  • Sophisticated – Naked Sweetie (Show that it can be worn by itself or with charms) shows the bracelet as a statement luxury piece
  • Fully Loaded – with loads of charms
  • Colour coded – sweetie redefined with the new coloured rings (this will soon be available) customers can make their own look by adding different coloured rings as they wish
  • Communicate the bracelet’s modernity and sophistication – individual style and personalisation
  • Focus on our bracelet builder to create original looks
  • Own the bracelet as our ‘Iconic Bracelet’ and make it synonymous with Links of London

Details of the affiliate only incentive

Create a piece of content (blogpost, review or how to style), specifically about the Iconic Sweetie and your personal way of styling it and you will be entered into a competition to win one of the below prizes:

 First Prize: £250 gift card in-store.

Second Prize: £100 bonus through the network

Third Prize: 2% CPA increase for all of May

If you would like to get involved with the Links of London April incentive, see the full details here

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