Sponsor interview: Button reflect on The Science Behind Ecommerce and share insights

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Button connects the mobile economy, making it easy for consumers to discover and purchase what they want, when they want it - with the tap of a Button. As a headline sponsor at this year's The Science Behind Ecommerce, we spoke to Michael Jaconi, Founder & CEO at Button following the event, where he gave further insight into Button.

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You spoke at our conference, The Science Behind Commerce, on new technologies being introduced. What tips do you have for publishers and advertisers wishing to discuss opportunities with you after the event?

Any company that has interest in driving revenue on mobile, that’s what Button is here for. And with mobile app commerce growing 70% year-over-year, the app economy is bound to become a pillar of any successful company’s’ core strategies. Whether it’s building a company’s very first affiliate platform for mobile or optimizing what they have in place, we’ve worked with some of the world’s largest brands to scale and grow their efforts, including Hotels.com, Groupon, Uber, Quidco, eBay, Booking.com, Ibotta, and many others.


You recently won Best Affiliate Marketing Innovation for 2017. Tell us a bit more about Button’s platform and how the solution can benefit those that attended the conference?

While most affiliate companies were built during the desktop era, Button was built for and meant to solve the unique needs of today’s leading brands on mobile. With the most accurate attribution and affiliation, Button has seen a near zero missed order rate among our partners, fixing a common pain point for affiliate marketers. Button’s platform also creates higher-converting user experiences, driving reliable revenue streams for Publishers on mobile, and a solution for cost-efficient user acquisition across mobile apps. Additionally, Button has built out the ability to work alongside our partners’ existing Affiliate Networks, integrating Button’s technology to adopt their affiliate programmes for the mobile world where spending is bound to grow to a majority of the digital economy within the next few years.


The Button dashboard introduced updates last year, including real-time data. How are these enhancements optimising user experience?

Seeing data in real-time is important for our partners, allowing them to see performance updates as soon as a user interacts with a Button. They’re able to see views, taps, deeplinks, installs, and more within a second of the event being reported to us. Looking at this data allows our partners to shift and adjust their Buttons depending on this behavior, optimising to provide the most relevant experience for their site or app. In turn, users get a better experience and partners see a higher conversion rate and increased transactions - a win, win.


Tell us something we may not know about Button?

Our team provides unrivaled service to our partners. From technical assistance and product strategy with our engineering team, to order investigation with our customer experience team, marketing support with our partner success team, we’re hands on with our partners to ensure the best experience possible. The brands we work with have become Button’s biggest champions, and our family of services and our team are the main reasons why.


How has the app economy impacted affiliate marketing?

Mobile has changed everything across the digital landscape with new trends and behaviors constantly being introduced. This - and apps especially - have dramatically shifted the needs and opportunities of affiliate marketing. Due to better consumer experiences, data shows that apps convert three times more than mobile web; however, the technology needed for companies to incorporate apps into their affiliate flow has been broken for a long time. A consistent linking protocol that allowed complementary brands to partner was lacking, and Button fixes that in mobile. Calling an Uber from a mapping app, ordering delivery from a restaurant app, making a purchase at a retailer after leaving a loyalty app - this all made sense for both business and consumers, yet it wasn’t possible.

This is why Button was created - to make mobile partnerships simpler, faster, and better performing - and to give consumers a better experience and access to what they want with the touch of a button.


You just set up your first international office in London, why did you choose the UK?

Following our Series B funding round in January 2017, we knew our next step was to expand internationally. We knew there was lucrative opportunity in the UK, and it was a natural next step for expanding into the European market. Many of our existing partners - and many we hope to work with down the road - call London home, so we made the decision to invest in establishing our first international office here.


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