Getting started on Awin: Building links + finding creative

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Next up in our new publisher interface training series, we're reviewing how to build links and find creative.

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So far, you should have your profile completed, be joined to at least one advertiser programme, and are now ready to start promoting.  Awin offers multiple tools to build links including Link BuilderConvert-a-Link, and MyAwin. There are also additional tracking tools available within the Tracking Optimisation Plugin.

Link Builder

To access this, hover over the Toolbox tab and under Links & Tools, click Link Builder.

Creating a deeplink

You can use Link Builder to generate a deeplink or tracking link to a page on an advertiser's site. 

  • Select an advertiser using the drop-down menu
  • Paste the product page URL into the Destination URL box
  • Choose whether you want the link in URL or HTML format

The complete URL for your tracking link will appear in the large box labelled Your Deep Link. Click Copy Link to copy the link so you can paste it onto your site.

Creating a short link (aka a '' link)

Deep links can be easily shortened. Click Shorten Link underneath the link box, and your deep link will be transformed into a clean URL. While the domain will appear as ‘,' it functions the same as the full-length link.


To access the Convert-a-Link tool and instructions, hover over the Toolbox tab and under Links & Tools, click Publisher MasterTag.

The Publisher MasterTag is plug-in which allows you to access productive technology from Awin and its partners. Some plug-ins can be activated via the control panel on your account while others require further integration. You can see the details of the integration under the Notes column. You can also learn more about the Publisher MasterTag on our blog and Wiki.

Awin’s Convert-a-Link tool is a plug-in for publishers to convert any product links on your website into trackable affiliate links. This automated process is offered to aid in converting links for any Awin advertiser programmes. For those that you aren’t already joined to, Convert-a-Link will automatically send a programme request to the advertiser if you direct any traffic to their site. To enable Convert-a-Link:

  • Switch the functionality on
  • Copy and paste the JavaScript at the bottom of the body element of each web page
  • Watch the JavaScript convert normal links into affiliate links

Tracking Optimisation Plug-in & Bounceless Tracking

To access the Tracking Optimisation Plugin and instructions, hover over the Toolbox tab and under Links & Tools, click Publisher MasterTag.

Awin's Tracking Optimisation Plugin is personalised to an affiliate’s users to ensure the highest chance of a successfully tracked click or sale. The plugin works with the current privacy requirements of the different browsers, selecting the tracking method based on the requested advertiser, the browser version being used, and the browser’s privacy settings

Bounceless Tracking is our latest tracking technology available within the MasterTag. The tracking call is made asynchronously via the Publisher MasterTag without affecting the user journey in any way. Bounceless Tracking is our most accurate tracking to date and offers greater visibility on the referring pages, which can be seen in Awin's Transaction Reports.

The Tracking Optimisation Plugin and Bounceless Tracking are available in Awin’s Publisher MasterTag and can be accessed by any affiliate who has turned on and installed the MasterTag via the interface.

We recommend enabling both Convert-a-Link and the Tracking Optimisation Plugin within Awin’s Publisher MasterTag to fully benefit from the innovative tracking solutions.

For more information on the Tracking Optimisation Plugin, please see our blog. For more information on Bounceless Tracking specifically please download the one-pager found at the end of this page.


To download MyAwin, hover over the Toolbox tab and under Links & Tools, click MyAwin Chrome Extension.

With one click, publishers can join new programmes and create affiliate links on the fly using MyAwin. This Chrome extension generates affiliate links directly from an advertiser’s website to then share on your platform. The links can also be directly shared to social media, eliminating the need to switch between websites, making your promotion quicker and simpler.

Additionally, the extension displays latest consumer offers from Awin and highlights exclusive coupons available to publishers. If you have multiple publisher accounts, a one-click account switch functionality is there for ease of use.

Outside of the interface, you can also download MyAwin from the Google Chrome store here

Finding creative

Advertisers will supply banners and other images you can use on your site for promotions. You can find these by hovering over the Toolbox tab and clicking My Creative.

Use the filters at the top of the page to find exactly what you are looking for, and can filter by type of creative, dimensions, and specific advertiser(s). Once you have selected a banner, click Copy Code and paste it into the source of your website. These banners function the same as any normal tracking text link.

To review how to complete your publisher profile, please click here. To review updating your payment details and joining advertiser programmes, please click here. Up next, additional promotional tools to aid affiliate efforts.

Questions? Please contact our publisher management team.  


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