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Our weekly tips relate to affiliate marketing, content and Awin tools, in order to help advertisers and publishers enhance their activity.

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Last week we shared 5 Ways of Creating New Content Ideas for your Website. Now you’ve got back into the groove and are publishing kick-ass content, it’s time to share it with the world. Email marketing can be an incredibly valuable tool for engaging readers, especially as they have opted-in to receive your mailings.

But that’s just the first step. Does it feel like a huge challenge to ensure that your subscribers open and read your emails? Is it even more of a challenge to get people to click through?

Here are some great email marketing tips for creating emails that get opened, read, and most importantly – clicked on. 

1. Grab their attention with the email subject
The email subject is undoubtedly the most important part of the email. Promise something desirable – if the reader knows exactly what they are going to learn or how the email will make their lives better or how to earn more money, they will be much more likely to open it. For example, rather than saying “We’ve launched our new tool” try using a subject that explains how that is beneficial for them “Discover the best secret destinations with our new tool”

2. Use conversational, snappy language
Try to get away from the fact that you are writing a marketing email – this is an opportunity for you to talk to your users, use it wisely and make the language conversational. Imagine you are writing to someone you know and address them directly “hope you’re having a great week, here are some great recommendations for your next holiday”. Likewise, keep your sentences short and sweet. You only have seconds to capture the reader’s attention before they swipe off your email, so avoid large chunks of texts with long sentences.

3. Look at other emails from successful email lists
When did you last click to open an email? What about it made you open it? Perhaps you accidentally clicked on the email but the imagery caught your eye, or the layout made it easy to digest the information. No matter how tiny the detail, list all of the appealing qualities of the email and think about how you can apply this to your own email campaigns.

4. Give a clear call-to-action
It will stop users from procrastinating. Give people a call to action and you will see more reaction from your emails, as they click to make the most of the time they have after reading the email. Tying in with the previous tip, if you have lots of content you want your readers to click on, post some teaser text with a couple of snappy sentences and then include a clear, colourful button that directs them to click it to get more information.

5. Measure and optimize your efforts
The best way to ensure that you are getting the most traction from your email marketing is by using a tool that measures the performance of your emails such as Mailchimp. Once you have ran several email campaigns you can assess which ones have performed best and determine what the patterns are – is it the subjects, the time of day you send them, the placement of links or is it the content in the email itself? The stats may challenge your assumptions but it’s better to know what works with your subscribers and optimize accordingly.

6. Segment your subscribers
You’ve written a great piece of content so make sure it’s relevant to ensure that the recipient will click on it! Depending on the size of your subscriber list and the types of customers your business has, it may be useful to segment the recipients to ensure that the right content reaches the right group. For example you can choose target different demographics such as business travelers versus globetrotters.

Above all, remember that you should treat your subscribers with respect –they have decided to opt in to your emails and can easily opt-out. Prove to them that the content is worth a place in their inbox which is already overflowing. Emails convert 40 times more than social media* so with the correct optimization, it will offer you the biggest return on investment and ensure your content is getting the attention it deserves.

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We hope you found these tips useful, if there’s a particular topic you would like advice on, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

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