Utilising Click References

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A click reference or ‘clickref’ for short, is an identifier that can be placed at the end of a standard tracking link to differentiate between them.

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You can assign up to 6 click references to each link, consisting of any combination of letters and numbers you choose, up to 50 characters. 

There are a number of ways to utilise the click reference. Most commonly and perhaps usefully, they can be used to separate different website activity within the reports should you have multiple websites on one publisher account. This can be done by giving links different click references based on the specific website where they are being hosted. For example, links on one website can be given ‘website1’ while links on the other website can be given ‘website2’.

Also, by assigning a unique click reference to different pages on your website, you’ll be able to see exactly where sales have originated on a particular site, You can even assign them to individual pieces of ad creative, giving insight into which placements are the most successful and well-converting.

You’ll be able to see the click references you’ve passed through attached to individual sales in the transactions report as well as the click reference report, which shows the combined performance of each click reference.

If you’re encountering any issues with seeing the references pull through on your reports, feel free to get in touch with our Publisher Services team and they can help you out.

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