Awin Group Sector Insights Webinar: Retail

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Retail is a sector that has arguably faced some of its biggest challenges over the last few months.

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With e-commerce now taking on even more importance for merchants and consumers, the industry is facing rapid transformation across the globe.

For our latest sector-focused webinar, Awin's Joelle Hillman considers some of the changes we've been tracking across our networks recently and then asks a mix of Awin and ShareASale partners to offer their opinions, insights and forecasts for the future of retail. 

In this webinar, you'll learn about the latest consumer trends, where there are opportunities for growth, and fascinating insights from our industry-leading group of panelists to help inform your own marketing and affiliate strategies.

Retail industry experts joining the panel:

Thank you to our amazing Awin Group panelists for the expert insights and strategic guidance provided to attendees during this webinar. For more information on our panelists and their companies, including how to partner with them across our platforms, please contact them by clicking on their name above, or email Joelle Hillman.

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