Awin Talks: What new partner types are embracing the affiliate channel today

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On the latest episode of Awin Talks, we find out what the latest partner trends are on our global platform.

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Rick Leake, Awin's Global Head of Publisher Development, is the special guest on this week's edition of the podcast - and who better to speak to about evolving trends in the partner landscape?

With over 225,000 active partners operating across Awin's platform offering a lot of choices for marketing opportunities, Rick is an invaluable guide for picking out some of the more interesting and innovative partners to work with.

He also talks about what some of the emerging patterns in new partnership types tell us about the state of the industry, and shares his own views on what the future is likely to hold.

Additionally, we feature special guest host Rachel Tyrer, Head of Account Management US, who provides a perspective from across the Atlantic and tells us why she feels influencer marketing is such a hot topic in the industry.

If you'd like to speak to Rick about partnership opportunities, please feel free to contact him here.

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