Awin Talks: How SYYCO responded to the travel slump

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Learn how travel-focused performance agency SYYCO responded to the industry’s dramatic downturn in fortunes following the pandemic in our latest interview.

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SYYCO is a UK-based affiliate management agency, founded in 2012 and with a long history of specialising in supporting travel brands' digital marketing efforts. But when COVID-19 hit early last year and global travel restrictions left the industry facing its biggest ever crisis, how could they survive?
SYYCO’s Founder and Managing Director Simon Terry joins the Awin Talks podcast to speak to our Agency Partner Jess Brown about what happened next.
Thanks to some quick thinking, hard decision-making and the support of networks like Awin, SYYCO was able to diversify its offering, branch out into the retail sector and continue to provide invaluable expertise to clients in the performance space.
It’s a story that deserves the spotlight as it highlights some of the critical dilemmas many companies faced in the last 18 months and demonstrates how being agile and open to change is instrumental to surviving totally unforeseen circumstances.
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