Awin Talks: Turn the Talk discussion and meet the Industry Rising Star

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Craig and Rob co-host the podcast with Awin colleague Clementyne Lavender, the recent winner of the Performance Marketing Awards' Industry Rising Star. 

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Clem sheds some light on the gruelling process involved in being assessed for the award and describes some of the experiences she had as the network’s Media Partnerships Manager that helped swing the vote her way.

Our main interview is with Sophie Parry-Billings, Senior Marketing Manager, EMEA at the agency Acceleration Partners, and focuses on the industry initiative Turn the Talk. Turn the Talk is focused on empowering people and improving the diversity of voices from across the performance industry. Sophie has been instrumental in promoting the initiative and she explains why it’s such an important subject, what they’ve achieved so far, and the initiative’s plans for the future.   

Finally, Craig hosts another round of Publisher Picks, asking Clem to highlight two new publishers on the network for listeners to make a note of.

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