Awin Talks: What does BT’s new digital strategy mean for its affiliates?

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On this episode of the podcast, we’re joined by BT’s Digital Affiliate Manager, Jimena Vergara-Lincoqueo, as she tells us about their recent strategic shift. 

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BT is one of the largest telco businesses on Awin’s global network and habeen a pioneering brand when it comes to its affiliate campaigns. Over the years its approach to the channel has seen it generate enormous growth and push industry boundaries, with its teams picking up numerous awards along the way. 
So when we got word that the telecoms giant was revamping its digital strategy in 2021 we had to find out more about what that meant for its approach to affiliate marketing. 
Thankfully, our very own Alex Parmar-Yee, Client Partner for the telco sector at Awin, was on hand to discuss the implications of this strategic development with Jimena Vergara-Lincoqueo, BT’s Digital Affiliate Manager. She reveals how BT are changing their approach to digital more broadly and then also discusses what that means for the day-to-day workings of their affiliate programme and partners. 
Customer-centricity, innovation and collaboration are the watchwords of this new direction and so it’s certainly going to be an exciting time to be a BT partner. Listen in to find out more in their conversation and if you’d like to get in touch with BT’s Awin team you can do so here and if you’re wanting to reach out to Alex, you can do so here. 
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