Awin Talks: Commission Factory announcement and a closer look at the US industry

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Big news is announced this month with Awin investing an equity stake in Australia’s leading affiliate network, Commission Factory. 

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Kevin takes the opportunity to speak to Commission Factory’s CEO and co-founder Zane McIntyre about what the investment means as well as about some of the local nuances of the Australian market.

From Australia to the US. Earlier this summer Rob interviewed Tricia Meyer, Executive Director at the local trade body the Performance Marketing Association, about their inaugural study of the US affiliate market at Affiliate Summit East in New York. The publication represents the very first time the industry has been formally assessed out there and provided clear evidence that the channel is in healthy shape. We feature an excerpt from that on-stage interview in this month’s episode.

And finally, Rob speaks to Greg Hoffman, CEO and co-founder of the OPM (Outsourced Programme Management) agency Apogee about the state of the US affiliate industry and his views on its likely prospects for the future. OPMs like Greg’s play an instrumental role in the US affiliate market and Greg discusses why that’s the case and what he’s learnt from his extensive time working in the industry.  

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