Awin Talks: How are tech partners transforming the affiliate channel?

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This week on the podcast we discuss how an influx of technology partners are transforming the perception of the affiliate channel. 

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One of the key trends that have emerged in the affiliate industry over the last few years is how brands are using the affiliate channel to experiment with a variety of new ecommerce technology solutions.  

At Awin, we provide simple access to these technologies through our core tracking setup, meaning you can try out a new solution on your own site without lengthy integrations or disruption to your page load times, and pay for it all on a CPA.  

In this episode of Awin Talks, we chat about this nascent trend with Awin's own Technology Consultant, Jelle Ploeg, to find out more about it, and discover some of the solutions currently available to Awin clients.  

Jelle also signposts the upcoming webinar series he's hosting that will showcase many of these new technology partners, and explains why they could play a pivotal role for brands in the run-up to Q4's peak shopping period. You can sign up for that event here.   

In addition to all that, Rob and Kev are joined by Awin UK's Client Partner for Retail and Travel, Lee Metters, who tells them more about the growing popularity of brand-to-brand partnerships on the network.    

The co-hosts also review some of the recent and upcoming industry events that are in the calendar. With the IPMA nominations just announced, Awin was shortlisted for eight awards including Best Affiliate Network. Head over to our blog and find out more about this recognition.

If you'd like to speak to Jelle about our tech partners you can do so here. And if you'd like to speak to Lee about brand-to-brand partnerships you can do so here. 

Our podcasts are available on a range of platforms, including Apple, Spotify, Google and Soundcloud.

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