Awin Talks: Coronavirus and its impact on the affiliate industry, Awin Access discussion, and an interview with Furloughed Foodies

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We look at the key e-commerce and affiliate trends we’ve tracked during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as discussing Awin Access and interviewing Chloe Hall. 

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The global lockdown has had a profound influence upon how people are shopping, accelerating the adoption of ecommerce, and introducing huge swathes of new users to online consumer options.  

At Awin we’ve been tracking some substantial changes across specific sectors and verticals in the last month and Craig interviews our Client Partner Team to find out more about these on this month’s episode. Joelle Hillman and Alex Parmar-Yee join him to reveal some of the top trends and what they tell us about changing consumer habits. 

Kevin then speaks to Awin’s Global Operations Director, Peter Jack, to quiz him on Awin’s new Access initiative. Access was launched initially in the UK at the start of the year as a means of providing smaller businesses and entrepreneurs with a low-cost, low hurdle means of starting an affiliate programme.  

In the wake of the pandemic and recognising that small businesses were particularly exposed during the lockdown, Awin made the decision to scrap set-up fees for the service and make it even easier for businesses to embrace affiliate marketing. 

With the facility soon being rolled out into our DACH and Benelux markets too, this has the potential to provide invaluable support to smaller businesses across Europe at a time of great difficulty.  

Finally, Rob spoke to Chloe Hall, usually RevLifter’s Marketing Manager, but currently throwing her efforts into the new initiative Furloughed Foodies London. The organisation’s aim is to provide a means of furloughed workers in the UK supporting hospital workers with homecooked food during a time when many of them don’t have the time or energy to feed themselves properly. It’s a great initiative and one that is helping fuel key workers in their fight against the coronavirus. 

In addition to all that Rob, Kevin and Craig discussed the implications of Amazon’s latest changes to its own affiliate programme* and highlighted some of the great insights and content that currently features on the Awin coronavirus hub. 

*A link to the record of Amazon’s changes to its affiliate commissions, as mentioned on the podcast, is available here. 

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