Awin Talks: Interviews with Sri Sharma at Increasingly and Chris Giddins at Uniqodo

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Our latest episode of Awin Talks features interviews with the CEOs from two leading technology solutions in the affiliate industry, Increasingly and Uniqodo. 

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This month we were delighted to welcome two founders and CEOs who both have extensive histories in the affiliate industry and who have both developed innovative ecommerce solutions that are changing the way brands sell their products online. 

First of all, Rob spoke to Sri Sharma, CEO and Co-founder of Increasingly, an AI-powered cross-selling platform that helps advertisers increase basket values from shoppers browsing their sites. Sri’s journey is a fascinating one taking in time spent studying at NASA before launching his own company and investing in several other start-ups. Sri discusses the background behind Increasingly, some of the trends he’s been tracking over the last few months and what the long-term implications of the lockdown might be for online retail. 

Then, Kevin interviews Chris Giddins, CEO and Co-founder of Uniqodo, a technology platform that helps brands optimise their use of promotional codes with partners. Chris tells Kevin about his experiences of starting his own business for the first time, the challenges he faced and how the affiliate channel helped to spur the business’ growth and evolution over the last few years. Chris’ experience is also one that we documented in this year’s Awin Report and you can read more about it here. 

Finally, Kevin, Rob and Craig discuss some of the latest news within the wider digital advertising industry including the latest ad spend reports from the IAB and the new research that has been published in the UK by ISBA revealing just how difficult it is to trace ad spend in the programmatic display channel. 

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