Awin Talks: How SingleView is proving the value of affiliate marketing

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This month we chat with the founder of R.O.EYE, Mark Kuhillow, about their new partnership with Awin and the value of affiliates in the purchase path.

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In this month’s episode, R.O.EYE founder Mark Kuhillow explains how the idea for developing their attribution software, SingleView, came about and the methodology used in determining how affiliates complement other digital channels. He also shares how brands have used it to focus their attention on those affiliates driving more incremental value. Read more about the partnership here.

Awin has used the market leading business intelligence tool Tableau for a number of years and Craig chats to Kevin about the company’s recent annual conference and the main topics that were discussed at the event. Craig also discuss how Awin is investing in business intelligence and how it’s being used to optimise affiliate campaigns and expedite additional insights as well as uncover the impact of more macro topics such as Safari’s ITP updates.

Finally we touch on the recent GDPR and Facebook ruling from Germany that could be instrumental in defining the data controller/processor relationship.

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