Awin Talks: What did we learn from Black Friday 2021?

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In the latest episode of the podcast, we look back at performance over the Cyber Weekend to understand how it went for the affiliate industry.

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Black Friday is usually the very peak of the peak quarter, with shoppers everywhere looking for online deals to take advantage of. That means it's an incredibly busy time for affiliate marketers and brands, all of them competing to capture that massive shopping intent.  
We take a dive into the trends tracked across Awin's global network over the weekend to find out what patterns emerged, and what they indicate about changing consumer behaviours.  
Joining co-hosts Rob and Kevin for this episode to shed light on these trends is James Skelland, CTO at SingleView, Awin's multi-touch attribution solution.  
Thanks to SingleView's cross-channel perspective on client activity, we get a special insight on how brands' marketing plans are working in tandem during the peak period. James explains the specific value that affiliates can drive for businesses at this time and how they're contributing to sales overall.  
To get a partner view on the sales extravaganza we're also joined by Heather Peebles from the global loyalty platform Reward Gateway, as well as Chris Johnson at, one of our innovative tech partners.  
Both partners were extremely busy over the weekend so it was a chance to find out how their client campaigns went and what they've learned from this year's activity. 
Don't forget, if you want to take a look at Awin's data trends over the peak period you can delve into them via our Peak Performance TrackerTake a look at individual markets, sectors and other metrics to better understand general trends in the affiliate industry. And you can find our round-up of the top ten trends from this year's Black Friday activity on the blog here. 

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