Four technology partners that will transform your website conversion rate for greater ROI

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Enhance your website’s performance and deliver personalised customer experiences that drive value with fully integrated conversion rate partners on Awin.

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If you want to unlock the power of conversion rate partners to improve customer conversions and increase sales, let us know today.

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Conversion rate partners are third-party technology partners that help brands to enhance customer experiences, optimise each customer’s interaction on-site, increase average-order-value, and convert more sales that drive more revenue for their business. With Awin, advertisers can outsource these innovative solutions and tap into the unlocked potential conversion rate partners can provide through seamless, efficient integration within the Awin MasterTag.

With a range of conversion rate partners to choose from, we speak to four of our partners,, Envolve Tech, Uniqodo and Upsellit, who are partnering with Awin brands, each offering unique solutions that make more sales happen on site and deliver incremental value for affiliate programmes across the global Awin platform.

So far this year, these four partners have driven 57m sales for our brands, contributing to an average of 31% YOY increase in sales and 4.8% increase in YOY revenue across all regions and sectors. is a customer conversion optimisation platform that focuses on leveraging the reach and worth of a brand’s audience through well-timed exit overlays, browser notifications and brand-aligned messages, and effective calls-to-action.

Envolve Tech is a high conversion performance technology, with its award-winning virtual shopping assistant, utilising AI to help online retailers convert sales by supporting customer conversations 24/7, answering FAQs, and spotting sales opportunities.

Uniqodo is a promotion experience platform that combines the performance of advanced promotions with great customer experience to supercharge conversion and engagement that target the right people at the right time, with zero code leakage.

Upsellit has developed a powerful suite of ecommerce conversion optimisation solutions that provide highly personalised customer experiences through on-site remarketing, lead recovery and email remarketing technology that convert and retain customers.

How can help brands increase sales?

“ constantly demonstrates how to capitalise on your traffic, whether that’s working to reduce your bounce rate or improve conversion rates. The client success team offer a fully managed service to ensure you’re getting the best out of the technology stack.”

- Katy Hughes, Client Success Director,

What sets Envolve Tech apart from the competition?

“Our multi-award winning virtual shopping assistant is helping our clients improve site conversion through customer conversations, making contextual product recommendations based on those very conversations. It’s easy to integrate with existing content driving the customer service response and to use existing data feeds to surface relevant product recommendations. We broadly see an increase over nearly double conversion rates with many clients - without resorting to any discounting. And this is all achieved with zero integration, easy set-up and existing commission and tracking solutions.”

- Dan Harding, Head of Commercial, Envolve Tech

What benefits does Uniqodo offer brands looking to drive more sales?

“Uniqodo has three clear benefits for brands; increase revenue, save money and save time for its partners. Giving you a risk free way to unlock and test new partnerships that help your brand stand out and push higher rewards and incentives to increase conversion, with no risk of code leakage, as well as providing more sophisticated and tactical promotions to increase engagement. Our technology helps to protect your profit margins by controlling the maximum number of sales you want to make and preventing generic codes from leaking. And lastly, brands can enjoy the efficient, automated and simplified distribution of single-use unique codes with our comprehensive number of integrations with leading publishers - meaning not a .CSV of batches of codes in site.”

- Courtney Maggs-Jones, Head of Growth, Uniqodo

What’s unique about Upsellit’s offering to brands who want more customers conversions?

“With solutions like Lead Capture, Mid journey and Checkout Abandonment, and Product Recommendations, UpSellit offers brands nearly 900 different variants of its solutions across multiple campaigns. We help brands address specific pain points within their conversion funnel with our industry-leading technology.”

- Richard Greenwell, Commercial Director for Europe and Asia, Upsellit

How do I get started?

All of our technology partners are pre-vetted, and have been carefully selected by our Global Strategic Partnerships team to make sure Awin advertisers are partnering with the most effective, innovative solutions that will deliver value for their affiliate programme., Envolve Tech, Uniqodo and Upsellit are integrated with the Awin MasterTag, meaning your brand can simply plug-in to the technology and explore the power of conversion rate partners within one to four weeks of activation. can now be activated with one-click on the MasterTag; making access to the game-changing technology even smoother.

Aside from easy-integration with our partners, brands can tap into these conversion rate technologies with low-risk as these partners work on a CPA basis or can be enabled via a fixed monthly fee. This allows you to try and test new partners and new solutions that fit your specific needs, all without heavy commitment, costly set-up or huge investment.

If you want to unlock the power of conversion rate partners to improve customer conversions and increase sales, let the Awin team know today.

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