Awin Talks: Affiliate industry predictions for 2022

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A brand new year calls for a brand new set of predictions for the industry. We hear from experts across the business about what they think is on the horizon.

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"Plans are useless, but planning is indispensable" said President Eisenhower - the thought being that while your plans might not eventually amount to anything, the act of planning itself is useful for thinking through your future intentions.  
The same goes for predictions which, though they might end up being spectacularly wrong, are still a valuable exercise in assessing the current state of play and considering plausible future developments and their impact.  
In an industry like the affiliate channel, buzzing with activity as it is today, that means considering an awful lot of different factors. Luckily, for the new episode of Awin Talks we were able to lean on some expert support from across our global business. 
Hosts Rob and Kevin listen into what some of Awin's experts have to say about the likely trends for the new year and weigh in with their own thoughts and opinions. From nano-influencers and super apps, to sustainability partnerships and 3rd party tech partners, there's a lot to cover.  
If you'd like to find out more about our industry predictions for the year ahead, check out our two-part article featuring our top ten trends for 2022 here.