Accessible, intelligent technology that drives customer conversions

  • Written by offers brands of all sizes the opportunity to tap into personalised website offerings, ensuring customers are driven to purchase.

Share this’s meteoric rise within the channel began as Smarter Click, a name that may already be familiar to veterans of the UK’s affiliate space. Launched in 2013 with just three employees, it oversaw the growth and rebrand of the business into what it is today – experts in converting customers across 20 international markets with multiple industry awards to its name.

Throughout the past eight years, has helped brands leverage the potential of their most valuable asset: their own customers. On average, a staggering 96% of traffic bounces without converting and 85% abandon their purchase despite having items in their basket. re-engages these customers to buy via cutting-edge marketing solutions, ranging from personalised overlays and emails to perfectly timed notifications, all powered by their proprietary behavioural insights and performance data. Recent developments push the envelope even further with the implementation of machine learning, essentially allowing automatic personalisation, tailoring the approach and strategy for each individual customer.

In fact,’s tech has the ability to look beyond the singular definition of ‘customer.’ By analysing individual shopping behaviours on a brand’s site – including the pages they browse and the cursor movements they make – seeks to define consumers in terms of ‘buyers’ or ‘clickers.’ Or, to put it bluntly, those that know what they want and those that don’t.’s solutions aim to reinforce ‘buyer’ behaviour in shoppers whose interest may be waning by giving them the nudge necessary to purchase, boosting conversion rates across the board.

With over 500 advertisers already live as of this year, as well as working with many of the largest global brands, has set its eyes on making its proposition accessible to businesses of every shape and size. In’s own words, “the size of a brand should not dictate their access to the best technology in the market.” For many grassroots advertisers, the prospect of implementing specialised marketing tech can be daunting. Whether that’s because of front-ended integration costs or the need for continued investment (both time and money) in optimising campaigns, the risks are often perceived as outweighing the potential benefits.

However, has sought to eliminate many of these obstacles, proving to brands that working with industry-leading solutions isn’t an exclusive benefit for big businesses. acknowledges the integration process is often one of the biggest barriers to entry for clients, so this became a core issue for it to tackle. As a result of Awin’s push to make outsourcing innovation as seamless as possible for retailers,’s tech now sits directly within the Awin MasterTag and can be activated with one click, making access to the game-changing technology even smoother.

Furthermore, now provides an entry-level, plug-and-play solution that effectively offers little to no initial outlay, opening up the proposition to a greater number and variety of smaller brands. For start-ups and micro-SMEs, this presents the perfect opportunity – affordable, low-risk ecommerce innovation that can be easily scaled up to more bespoke solutions as their business grows.

With this strategic pivot, its clear is invested in making its technology as accessible as possible, dispelling the myth that only established brands should have the privilege of working with cutting-edge marketing technologies. is a featured #Power100 partner in this year’s Awin Report’s ‘Outsourcing innovation’ chapter. Register here for your free copy and learn about the 99 other exciting partners profiled. 

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