Life at Awin

Tina Vukovic

Before joining the affiliate marketing industry, I’ve worked with both marketing, sales and later with a small product development for almost six years. When I joined Awin, I had no experience within online nor affiliate. But I felt I got to know the business and my role quickly so that I could begin to develop.

What do you do on a daily basis?

In my role, I am responsible for the largest publishers in the vertical 'cashback and voucher' in Scandinavia. A large part of my time is spent monitoring and optimization - I want to contribute to a development that my publishers can see both in the long and short run. The development can be done by working with the publisher in order to find new opportunities and help them think outside the box. Usually there are new partnerships that they have not thought of before, but it can also be ideas about technical implementations on their website or which campaigns that are the most suitable for the publisher.

What were the biggest challenges you faced when joining Awin?

At first, my biggest challenge was to understand the whole picture. How our platform worked and what tools we provide our publishers, which largely varies between publishers. The more I learned the more knowledge I wanted to gain, so it went relatively fast for me to feel like I could contribute to my publisher's development. I learned quickly that it was important to work closely with my publishers, it also contributed to my knowledge because I got eye on the challenges they faced on a daily basis.

What has been some of your most rewarding moments?

I’m proud to see my publishers develop over time. The Affiliate industry is in constant development and it is important that we quickly adapt and intercepts market trends. I’m especially glad to see how my work with a publisher contributes to growth, year after year, despite the setbacks when we had to find new ways or overcome challenges where we needed to put on a new strategy. It's a tough industry with fierce competition and we must work qualitatively, creative and long term. I am both proud and grateful for the knowledge I possess today thanks to this.

What do you like about Awin?

The best thing working at Awin is the freedom that I’ve had to develop myself and my publishers in my role. It is a responsibility that I appreciate and value very much, to take on my duties in my own way and to have a global support in my role and in my development within the company.

What is your biggest achievement so far?

All the small steps and progresses that eventually led to the "Reward and Recognition" award which I was rewarded by our global board Q4 2015. I was one of ten selected from the Awin group for my efforts during Black Friday, which is our biggest shopping day of the year. It was a rewarding moment to hear the motivation:
As any Key Account Manager can attest, handling a top 10 publisher is not an easy task. It requires great attention to detail, dedication and talent. Tina knows this, being KAM for 8 out of the 10 top performing publishers in SCAN on Black Friday. Her great planning capacity, negotiation skills and overall ability to deliver were of immeasurable value during SCANs successful month of November.