The Hut Group’s top beauty brand launches award-winning Influencer campaign

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British e-commerce company, The Hut Group operates over 100 international websites.

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The Challenge/Objective, leading beauty arm of online multi-website retailer, The Hut Group (THG) worked with Awin to strengthen partnerships with influencers prior to and throughout Cyber Weekend 2016 via a high-profile celebrity and blogger led campaign.

In order to attain increased engagement with this publisher type, set the following objectives around the campaign launch:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase demand and traffic to the website prior to and during Cyber Weekend
  • Promote self-confidence
  • Increase in sales and revenue throughout Cyber Weekend


The Hut Group identified top UK bloggers and brand ambassadors on the programme based on social reach, appeal to the beauty market and influencers previously used in campaigns, each selected participant handpicked a selection of beauty products to promote an inspiring message around self-confidence. This lead to the creation of the #MySpotlightSaviour campaign, aimed at providing a non-sales focused approach of storytelling.

Unique codes and exclusive product: Influencers became a trusted voice within the beauty industry and were issued with a unique discount code linked exclusively to their chosen products. They were encouraged to share their content in a spotlight saviour story alongside the discount code via their most engaged social media channels, in the lead up to Cyber Weekend, averaging out a reach of 10 million.

Multichannel approach: The affiliate channel was the heart of this campaign, and was supported through PR releases, social, content and paid media. With affiliate performance tracked and analysed throughout, each influencer was given prescribed times and dates to post content, guaranteeing that marketing channels could amplify their posts accordingly, as well as monitor performance.

Payment on Influence: Due to the last-click-wins affiliate model, Awin’s payment on influence commission tool was switched on when the campaign went live to avoid influencers being overwritten by another publisher type. This allowed influencers to be fairly rewarded and avoid the threat of incentive sites winning the sale.

The power of user generated content (UGC): Collaborating with influencers who hold a credible reputation within the beauty industry, customers were also encouraged to join the campaign and share their own inspiring message and beauty products across their own social channels, using the #MySpotlightSaviour hashtag. This meant campaign analysis could track UGC, engaging with those who had shared their favourite products and re-shared this content across the social platforms.


Unique codes and exclusive product: Campaign analysis shows that around 100 code redemptions were used.

Multichannel approach: Traffic saw a 197% increase MoM between the campaign’s top influencers.

Payment on Influence: Revenue from the campaigns top influencer increased by 86% MoM.

The power of UGC: customers were encouraged to engage in the campaign, and customer centric user generated content was encouraged throughout the use of #MySpotlightSaviour, with each celebrity influencer promoted their own self-confidence message in-line with their spotlight saviour.

Brand awareness: Brand awareness gained significant uplift with post campaign analysis allocating 143k likes on influencers social posts, 750k views from the #MySpotlightSaviour campaign video and the hashtag receiving 501 posts and 3.7 million impressions.

Strengthening partnerships with influencers: The #MySpotlightSaviour campaign resulted in two newly recruited brand ambassadors as well as creating new opportunities the male demographic following one high profile male influencer continuing to work with the brand.


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