The future is exciting with Vodafone, Samsung and Awin

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Shortlisted for Best in Tech and Telco at the #PMA21, Vodafone’s supplier funded activity was a resounding success and the jumping point for a new strategy.

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The Vodafone affiliate team, seeing an opportunity to promote the Samsung portfolio to potential customers, pitched a three month plan to help drive Samsung orders through the affiliate channel. The plan included widespread coverage across a diverse mix of affiliates including content, cashback and voucher sites. The investment that was granted by Samsung resulted in performance that exceeded expectations and laid the groundwork for further supplier funding opportunities.

The Goals

The Vodafone and Awin teams forecast the following performance to be delivered over an initital three month period:

  • Achieve an agreed number of Samsung handset orders
  • Achieve a blended CPA within Vodafone’s target

The team also put together some internal objectives which looked more widely at improving handset performance and gaining market share:

  • Achieve a 5% uplift in total handset orders quarter-on-quarter
  • Demonstrate an increase in handset market share throughout the quarter by achieving a 15% share by the third month of the campaign.

The Approach

Spend was weighted in line with offer strength; almost half of the total budget was used for July’s ‘over £200 saving on Galaxy S20+ contracts plus free buds’, with the remainder earmarked for August and September when generic savings on S20 family handsets ran.

Voucher / discount: The decision was made to build on existing activity, ensuring that Samsung was the headline offer, and using any further premium placements to highlight this. The strength of discount publishers, as incentive-focused and primed to convert, meant that additional budget could be funnelled into trialling more unique solutions, such as a bespoke page with Global Savings Group.

Cashback / loyalty: Supplier budget was overlaid on existing exposure, with additional premium placements such as 24-hour flash rates and homepage take-overs. This allowed Vodafone to push limited time offers to a wide range of customers. The team also engaged with employee platform Next Jump to reach a different demographic, securing a bespoke event page to highlight offers and funding virtual WOWPoints as a further incentive.

Editorial content: Campaigns were arranged with a range of tech publishers with a large combined audience of engaged readers including Ken’s Tech Tips, Tech Advisor and Trusted Reviews. Additionally, to further expand audience reach, the team secured sponsored content on the Evening Standard and Independent.

The Results

The Samsung campaign proved to be a great success, with the following targets met and exceeded:

  • The number of Samsung orders driven over the quarter was 92% above target.
  • Total CPA was 33% under target, indicating that the diverse mix of partners and innovative activity worked well for very efficient spend.

In terms of the internal objectives around handset performance and share:

  • Total handset sales saw a 2% increase QoQ.
  • The investment throughout the quarter had a positive effect on market share, with Vodafone achieving 8.7% of all handset contract sales tracked in Awin in July, 10.7% in August and 6% in September, demonstrating consistent growth.
"It’s not often we get the opportunity to work strategically with a supplier such as Samsung, so when the opportunity came around for the Vodafone and Awin affiliate team to collaborate we were keen to make sure it was a success. With a wide variety of activity - and with the wealth of knowledge in the team - it was great to achieve such positive results. With a 20% increase in budget for FY21/22, handsets are now a key growth area for the Vodafone affiliate team. We are immensely proud of the campaign so far and are looking forward to the continued success in the new financial year." - Adam Clisby, Affiliate Marketing & Partnerships Specialist, Vodafone

If you have any questions or opportunities for the Vodafone affiliate programme, feel free to reach out to  the team.