2020 Vision - An Affiliate Marketing Manifesto

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Affiliate marketing currently faces a variety of immense dilemmas. 

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Traditional tracking models are under threat from web browser updates, consumer trust in online advertising is at a low ebb, and the industry itself is having an identity crisis.

It seems an appropriate time therefore, to set out a clear framework for the future of affiliate marketing and to explain why, in the current climate, it has the chance to forge its status as the beating heart of ecommerce.

Rob Davinson, Content Analyst in Awin’s Global Strategy team sets out a manifesto for the affiliate channel that confronts many of these challenges and provides a framework for success in 2020 and beyond.

Featuring interviews with a selection of industry leaders, compelling case studies and other research, the Affiliate Marketing Manifesto outlines a comprehensive vision for the future of the channel that can help boost its profile and establish it as a central pillar of the digital economy.   


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