Answering the Perennial Debate: Do Affiliates Drive Incrementality

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Awin is pleased to announce an exclusive partnership with SingleView by R.O.EYE, a SaaS-based, multi-touch, data-driven attribution platform.  The aim of this collaboration is to show our partners how to use their data to understand the true value of the touchpoints in the users' journey, across all marketing channels with no subjective opinion.

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Incrementality and its interpretation have been adopted as a Tower of Babel – the term is applied differently depending on the situation. Affiliate Marketing itself is a catch-all term for a wealth of performance-based partnerships (large and small) and changes in the terms of these relationships impact publishers depending on their specific exposure to each advertiser and their interpretation of value. The age-old incrementality debate is certainly not unique to affiliates, but it’s one where subjective opinion can be most impactful, with the cost of getting it wrong detrimental to one of its unique qualities – diversity.

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