Create your affiliate links at scale with Awin's link builder API

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Learn how to use the link builder API to simplify and save time on bulk building your Awin tracking links.

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Awin offers different ways of creating affiliate links. Depending on your business model it might make sense to create individual product deep links to ensure high conversion rates. For individual link building, the simplest and most efficient way is to use one of the following solutions: 

  • Link builder: Easy-to-use tool to create deep links or tracking links to the advertiser page 
  • MyAwin: Awin's browser extension for Google Chrome to easily create and add affiliate links 
  • Convert-a-link: Automatic conversion of your website links (for advertisers that are also on the Awin platform) into affiliate tracking links 

 If your business model requires building links in bulk, especially if you change links manually, we recommend using our new link builder API endpoints. It saves you time and reduces the risk of manual error. Using the link builder API ensures proper link building that reflects the advertiser's individual settings (prefix URL, suffix GET or similar) and enables proper tracking.  

The link builder API isn’t compatible with real-time link creation in the browser, but provides an automated alternative to bulk link creation outside the platform for later use. 

It allows publishers to generate Awin tracking links based on an advertiser ID and destination URL without having to use our link builder user interface.  

  • POST generate tracking link: Publishers can post a destination URL for an advertiser to generate an Awin tracking link. With this endpoint, you can generate either a single tracking link or batches of up to 100 tracking links. 
  • Access and Authentication: The API is available via Before you can use it you need to create your own oauth2 access token via This token ensures the safety of your data and is not linked to a specific publisher or advertiser account, but to your personal user account.  
  • Documentation: You can find more information on how to use the link builder API on our wiki. 

If you're interested in further automating your affiliate business, check out our API solutions for publishers.  

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