May trends webinar: Revisiting how coronavirus is changing how we shop

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May could have been our last month in lockdown. What products were most in demand over the past four weeks in the UK?

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As May seems to have been the UK’s final month in full lockdown, Awin’s Client Partnerships Team return to their investigation into how the nation’s online shopping habits changed over the course of the past four weeks.

This is the third webinar in our trends series with the months of March and April already placed under the spotlight.

In the webinar, we will explore the sub-sectors which have seen consistent demand during the crisis; using network data to discuss in more detail the sectors, prices and devices driving our purchases. In the webinar, we will also consider how the easing of certain government restrictions have affected the trends which had been so prevalent from the middle of March.

Understanding the online shopping trends from across Europe, we conclude by providing insight into the shifts likely to shape in the UK throughout the summer.

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