How Awin’s plug-and-play tech can safeguard your revenue ahead of peak trading: The 'action' phase

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Getting customers to your site is only half the battle during Q4 - how can you then get them to buy something?

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Our final webinar focuses on the all-important activation phase, illustrating how Awin's tech partners can turn your website's visitors into your customers. This is arguably the most important part of any Q4 marketing campaign, driving sales that can affect your bottom line. Not just any sales either; incrementally valuable ones that are highly profitable.

Retail events like Black Friday are a great source of new customer acquisition but that has historically meant that brands have offered enormous blanket discounts that can be loss-making. This is a key reason why so many retailers have an ambivalent relationship with these big sales extravaganzas.

But thanks to the sophisticated solutions that Awin's tech partners now offer retailers, brands can be far more targeted in how they discount and promote certain product lines, tailoring offers to the individual user.

In this webinar, Awin's Jelle Ploeg speaks to a trio of technology partners that can provide precisely this level of sophistication for Awin advertisers at the touch of a button, and on a cost-efficient CPA model - meaning you only pay for the sales they generate.

To begin, Courtney Maggs-Jones from Uniqodo runs us through a myth-busting session about using promotions during sales events and explains how Uniqodo can be used in a variety of ways to drive growth.

Next, James Boden from describes how solutions like its own can deliver highly personal and relevant discounts to your customers to ensure promotional campaigns are tightly focused.

And finally, Jelle hears from Ricki Jones at Soreto, a tech partner that can turn your converted customers into brand advocates and encourage them to share promotions with their friends across social platforms. In doing so, Soreto can amplify your marketing message even after a sale has occurred.

If you'd like to find out more about any of these partners and activate them for your affiliate activity, please click their name above and schedule a meeting or contact Jelle via email.

Interested in more technology partner offerings? Watch day one of this webinar series on awareness here, and day two on optimization here. 

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