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Highly commended for the Industry Disruptor Award at this year’s Performance Marketing Awards and Headline Sponsor at The Affiliate Code, Monotote is shaking up the existing retailer-publisher paradigm.

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Monotote’s customer-centric approach enables publishers and advertisers to bring the retailer’s basket to the shopper. As a result, customers shop at the ‘moment of inspiration’, creating new revenue streams as a result.  

Mike van Geldorp, CEO and founder of Monotote, explains to us how their technology is shaping the industry and why their involvement at Awin’s affiliate marketing conference is so important.

We’re so pleased to confirm Monotote as the headline sponsor at The Affiliate Code. How is Monotote’s technology changing views within the industry?

With our technology we show that we can solve issues around redirection, outdated links, increased lead times, dropping conversion rates and shrinking revenue streams. Our solution is shopping at the moment of inspiration.

We are creating that link between the point of inspiration and the point where the online reader could purchase the products that inspired them. For a long time people have been clicking on links that would redirect them to the webshop of the advertiser - we are enhancing this process with up-to-date links and live stock updates in order to help improve conversion rates.

Our real-time buy button technology enables customers to purchase showcased products directly from any picture or video used in a content article. The products - with live availability and price indication - can immediately be bought on the publisher’s website, without redirection. Publishers thus retain online visitors on their website and advertisers have original content created around their products.

"We strongly believe that we should take monotonous tasks away from our daily routines and let people focus on their creative side." - Mike van Geldorp

As you are looking to automate more of your technology, can you explain more about your Auto Scan and Tag feature?

Convenience is always at the center of our developments. We strongly believe that we should take monotonous tasks away from our daily routines and let people focus on their creative side. That is why we created a tool that recognises potential shoppable items on pictures and in video’s. When content is created, we can automatically place buy buttons where relevant and link them to the exact or a very similar product in one of the advertiser’s inventory.

What do you look for when creating new partnerships?

Since we are all tapping into new ground, Monotote is mainly looking for inspiring partnerships with people who want to explore the different opportunities of this new paradigm with us. The traditional division between traffic generators and traffic buyers is shifting and new advertising models are emerging. Every company that acknowledges this change and wants to co-create would be a great fit. Today we already team up with advertisers like Tesco, M&S, Asos, Ticketmaster, Waitrose and many more.

The dedication of our partners will always be rewarded with heaps of support (webinars, tutorial videos, how to documents, FAQ, a dedicated customer success manager, live chat etc.), a flexible and fun team, smooth integrations and user friendly interfaces.

"Events like The Affiliate Code are always little islands of creativity and we are eager to meet inspiring people to explore future opportunities for e-commerce." - Mike van Geldorp

What is the possibility of advertisers having accounts on your platform so that they can send out shoppable content to publishers?

 New ways of advertising will arise and we will look into the possibilities for us to connect advertisers and publishers and meet expectations in branding, content marketing and conversion management. Our newest development is a perfect example: every brand on a publisher’s website can have its own branded shopping cart. Depending on the button a visitor clicks, a different branded basket will be opened. Combine that with a great content strategy and conversion rates will sky rocket. Monotote will definitely pick up its role as facilitator to make this combination between content marketing, conversion and awareness a success.

Are there any other updates you’d like to share ahead of The Affiliate Code that attendees can find out more about at the event?

At Monotote, we always like to be at the forefront of change and we especially like vibrant environments. Events like The Affiliate Code are always little islands of creativity and we are eager to meet inspiring people to explore future opportunities for e-commerce. We can announce that we are working on shoppable ads and a storefront marketplace in addition to our current technology. So, every attendee who wants to know more about us, our future plans and about partnerships is very welcome at our Monotote Lounge.

Read more information about The Affiliate Code and register for the event here


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