Five takeaways from Affiliates, Algorithms and Attribution: A View of Tomorrow, Today

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With Cyber Week firmly behind us the opportunity to briefly pause and reflect on what has been a challenging and chaotic year presents itself.

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And the key question we’re hearing from clients is ‘with last-click and historical performance becoming less reliable indicators of where future value lies, what are the alternatives?’

This simple but important question has a complex answer and is one the industry has and will continue to wrestle with. To help the industry find the right path beyond last-click Awin co-presented a session at PI LIVE Global on the 28th October with our attribution partner SingleView.

You can view the recording of that session above as well as reading our five key takeaways. We believe these insights can provide the cornerstone to a successful marketing strategy for brands as we head into 2021.

1. More value will be captured by brands who move beyond siloes and subjective opinions

Brands should review online marketing channels consistently and transparently using a unified source of truth to remove bias from decision making.

2. Accept that there is no typical user journey

Avoid looking at the user journey as a linear path and instead understand complimentary touchpoints and channels that ‘play together’ well.

3. Affiliates are not just expert converters, they perform upper-funnel activity too

Yes, the affiliate channel is great at converting customers, but the channel also contributes a lot towards brand discovery and purchase consideration. Understand which publishers do this and adjust your strategy.

4. Embrace a world beyond clicks

Up to 90% of traffic that engages with a brand on a publisher’s site may not click through there and then. More accurately measure the involvement of placements by working with publishers that have the Awin Publisher MasterTag integrated and can register impression touch-points in to a multi-touch attribution model like SingleView.

5. The right tenancy can be extremely effective, give yourself the data to confidently invest

Understanding which placements drive customer behaviour is invaluable to programme optimisation. Get a view of which activity initiates new purchase journeys and invest in these to drive improved results.

For more information on SingleView and how Awin can support our clients with the journey beyond last-click attribution please reach out to your account manager or get in contact with our Global Strategic Partnerships team.

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