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We have rounded up our top suggestions for leveraging the email marketing channel effectively and maintaining customer engagement.

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Continue the conversation with new and potential customers with an effective email strategy

Email is incorporated within many marketing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) strategies; CRM is the way in which companies utilise customer interaction and data to acquire new subscribers, improve retention rates and generate brand loyalty – and sales – boosting return on investment via low cost means.

Create A Community

Consider your email database as a digital community, whereby your communications make your customers feel relaxed and at ease. Providing regular and interesting content, peppered with email-only exclusives will ensure your subscribers feel rewarded and encouraged to return to your site. Incessant emails laden with discounts and sales messaging can be construed as impersonal and spam-like and may result in email drop-offs or LIFO syndrome (Last In First Out). Networking with your subscribers via email is just as important as networking in public and can help to boost reputation, referrals and repeat customers. Sending emails to those who have not opted to receive advertising will lead to discreditation and poor user reviews.

Make It Worthwhile

With this in mind, emails do not have to be synonymous with discounts, offers and compromising profit margins. Quality content outlining new season trends or the latest technology buys can lead to increased order value and high ticketed purchases as your readers will feel reassured that you are providing trusted and credible information. In addition, valuable content can help to reduce the number of touchpoints on the customer sales path as you will be utilised as part of the research phase. Make sure to include clear CTAs (Calls To Action) to ensure customers embark on a smooth customer journey.

Style and Substance

First impressions are everything, therefore it is essential that you craft your conversations with longevity in mind. A welcome/follow up email providing product details and services and the option to ‘opt in’ to receive future marketing emails will add a personal touch and customer consideration that is so valued by online users. Today, it is very rare for anyone to receive only a few emails per day, we are accustomed to a full inbox and do not have the time to read through each one at our leisure, therefore each email must be of value for the reader. In fact, in 2018, the number of emails sent and received per day reached around 281.1 billion. Marketers must ensure they include a captivating subject line, relevant content, working links and imagery cohesive with onsite creative.  

Get Granular

Whilst email marketing may not be wholly revolutionary, this does not mean it cannot be innovative – an effective CRM strategy alongside email marketing will enable you to manage the timing of your emails for effective ROI, ensure efficient segmentation and enable you to develop a sustainable customer relationship. Segmentation means that you can target the right audience at an optimum time – for example, when a subscription is due to end, reveal news and updates of offline events, and unveil new product releases, referral offers and competitions/exclusives. Ensure that it is clear why your email has been sent to increase brand affinity among your subscribers, personalising your email sends will help to boost open rates and engagement.

Email marketing is a low cost and efficient means to maintain interaction with your customers and to create a loyal network of online users. Consideration of content, consistency and your community can lead to retention, new customer acquisition, increased conversions and a higher AOV. Find out more about how to craft your emails here.

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