The Media Kit: The Must-Have Marketing Accessory

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Consolidate your website and build advertiser relationships with the aid of a tried and tested marketing must-have - the media kit.

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Media Kit Awin

What is it?

Think of the media kit as your digital business card. It enables you to easily reach out to new advertisers providing them with up-to-date information about your website, contact details, your business model and upcoming sponsorship opportunities.

Why do I need one?

A media kit is a networking tool, it supplements and supports your promotional efforts. The media kit allows advertisers to quickly learn about your service, looks professional and reassures visitors that you are a trusted site.

What should it include?

Usually in a PDF format, the media kit provides an overview of your website, outlining background information, key statistics – including number of site visits, demographics, audience size - and relevant testimonials and/or case studies.

This is the space to divulge why you are operating in the affiliate marketing field and why retailers should partner with you for campaigns. Are you a involved with charity work? Is your site closed network or an employee reward portal? Include sponsorship, payment and package information with up-to-date pricing and commission (CPA/CPC/tenancy) options. Furthermore, make sure to provide your advertisers with a half-yearly or quarterly media pack update if you are offering new campaign ideas, have a company announcement or a new service/site initiative. It is a way of making sure you remain front-of-mind without being too intrusive.

Do not get carried away and let graphics overwhelm you, or confuse clarity with vanity. The main aim of the media kit is to provide only the essentials. Keep it short, sweet and professional. Ensure you include your brand logo and social media handles, relevant and cohesive branding, a consistent font and correct grammar. Finally, remember to spell check! Clearly display your site name as you would like it to be referred to by your advertisers.

Do not delay, get started on your media kit and reach out to prospective advertisers! For further information, check out our media kit breakdown here.

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