Awin Talks: Singles' Day review, Black Friday preview

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We're talking about the early results from China's Singles' Day and looking ahead to Black Friday 2021 now November's peak shopping season has begun.

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The Golden Quarter is well and truly under way now with the first of the month's big shopping events already finished. China's Singles' Day was held, as ever, on 11/11 and it was another record-breaking event for Alibaba, the primary ecommerce platform in China. Growth wasn't as spectacular as in past years and co-hosts Rob, Kevin and Rachel discuss the possible reasons for that, as well as touching on the livestream shopping phenomenon in China that is inching its way out to the West. 

The trio also talk about their forecasts for Black Friday and the various factors that may have an influence over whether we see as much activity this year. Awin are sharing up-to-date insights on sales performance across the global network via our Black Friday tracker report which is now live.  

Also on the podcast this week, Rob speaks to Michelle O'Sullivan about Awin Access, our partner marketing solution for micro-SMEs, startups and entrepreneurs. Michelle and her team have just launched a brand new digital marketing guide for small businesses, aimed at providing a simple, accessible introduction to online advertising tactics and how affiliate can be a great option to pursue. You can download it for free here. 

Finally, Kevin shares news of the recently published guide on affiliate tracking. A cross-industry collaborative effort involving several network and SaaS platforms, the tracking guide is designed to provide more clarity around best practices for affiliate tracking setups and to highlight why the channel offers respite from the woes the wider digital ad industry currently faces in terms of tracking. 


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