Publisher Spotlight: NMPi offer Google Shopping activity

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NMPi are now able to provide Google Shopping campaigns via the performance channel.

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With over 15 years of experience, NMPi partner with some of the world’s largest brands including Gap, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft and Saks Fifth Avenue.

How does it work?

NMPi have a performance division within the agency who focus solely on the management of PPC, Google Shopping and Programmatic Display campaigns on a CPA model. The bottom line, is that the only cost to performance clients is an agreed commission for each sale that is driven.

PPC, Shopping and Display campaigns can be managed in their entirety by NMPi with the activity tracked via the affiliate channel. Alternatively advertisers can partner on a gap coverage basis. Examples of providing gap coverage include working with NMPi to deliver PPC and Display campaigns internationally, or to apportion the management of Google Shopping.

The management of Google Shopping on a CPA is the newest product available to Awin advertisers. Working with an existing feed or even creating a new one (at no cost), NMPi are now able to provide the complete setup, management and delivery of Google Shopping campaigns.

Using in house expertise, bespoke algorithms and the Doubleclick bid management platform, the approach to optimisation is unique and maximises the true revenue potential of Google Shopping. Applying bids on individual search query ensures greater control and allows to prioritise bids for queries that carry a higher propensity to purchase. Adopting this approach has seen NMPi take on existing Google Shopping campaigns and improve revenues by as much as 300% at a lower cost of sale. For advertisers that have not run Google Shopping before, this offers an entirely new market place to promote every product sold, delivering incremental traffic, sales and revenue on a risk free model.

What else do you need to know?

As one of the only publishers currently offering Google Shopping activity through the performance channel, NMPi want to hear from any retail advertisers that are looking for the following:

1.  Improved performance from their Google Shopping at a lower cost

2. To relaunch Google Shopping campaigns

3. To plugin their AWIN feed to Google Shopping

4. A fully managed Google Shopping campaign and feed creation

For more information, please email NMPi here or call on 020 7186 2110. 

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