Market Insights newsletter to launch

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Find out why you should sign up for Awin's new newsletter aimed at bringing research, market and data insights, news and opinion to the affiliate industry.

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Awin has a strong heritage of bringing data insights to the market. With a global reach across 15 territories and with sales generated in more than 180 countries, we have a wealth of information to interrogate.

For the past four years the network has been publishing a monthly newsletter aimed at a primarily UK based audience. While the readership spans the globe, the information contained within it has been largely drawn from British affiliate programmes and the publishers promoting them.

Therefore we're delighted to announce that coming this month will be Awin's first global strategy newsletter which will also be rebadged to 'Market Insights' in line with our rebrand.

The newsletter aims to share insights from both the network and wider industry be it from the cross-device technology we launched in 2015, our comprehensive mobile and device data or the emerging influencer sector.

Aside from research and statistical analysis our team will look to share information about external factors such as industry regulation and European legislation that may have a wider impact on the digital ecosystem. We'll also report on the network's events and share links to our whitepapers and sector reports.

Our mission is to democractise data for all our partners as we believe transparency helps aid insight and builds trust. The newsletter is our way of providing a monthly snapshot of this.

The newsletter is entirely opt-in so we will not automatically subscribe any clients. Therefore if you'd like to receive our Market Insights then please add your details here.