2020 Affiliate Marketing Trends

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With each new year, we typically feel the next 12 months will be pivotal, but caught up in the day-to-day of our jobs, this often never quite materializes.

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As we enter a new decade the landscape as laid out before us seems wholly unpredictable, with many factors out of our control having the potential to disrupt the digital ecosystem.  

At the time of writing, Google had just announced the imminent demise of third-party cookies tracked via its Chrome browser. While not entirely unexpected news, the accompanying industry commentary makes for bleak reading for certain parts of the adtech world, with many column inches dedicated to the potential demise of great paths of digital.  

 This is a huge opportunity for affiliate marketers. Given how our channel can connect brands with consumers courtesy of the publishers promoting them, this unique, transparent and trusted relationship with engaged shoppers could prove to be the magic formula in an uncertain climate as programmatic scrambles for answers.  

Given forward-thinking affiliate companies have spent years moving away from legacy third-party tracking solutions, inevitably we cover this topic in our trends piece from one of our senior product managers at Awin. He explains what Awin is doing and what he feels the future for affiliate tracking could look like. 

We’ve also focused on four other areas of the business that we believe could be important in shaping the future direction of the affiliate industry. Our Business Development Director Michelle O’Sullivan explains why SME is an untapped reservoir of opportunity for the channel. 

We also tackle data and AI, future regulatory challenges and advances in attribution. Furthermore, this year we’ve asked eight industry leaders for their views on the channel. Drawn from across the affiliate spectrum, you can read one marker they are focusing on in the coming months.  

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