Life at Awin

Andrew Crowley

Exciting opportunities for our generation

Being a millennial in today’s workforce certainly comes with its expectations and beliefs about finding gainful yet rewarding employment. Our hope is that a company we choose reflects the indelible characteristics of our generation; innovative, ethical, balanced, and progressive. Getting more from your career is vital in today’s society as we seek challenging opportunities provided we are unencumbered by the stress and tediousness of the common working world. Awin champions this approach by being anything but your ordinary company and provides its employees with the chance to positively effect change on a global scale. Our company is confidently positioned to revolutionize how brands engage with their consumers, while standing firmly on the need to safeguard true incremental value.  

For someone who spent the previous 3 years on the publisher side, I found the network side presents the best chance to work with respected brands and individuals across the industry as a whole. Awin has afforded me countless opportunities to grow in my role and expand my knowledge base. For the past year of my employment, I visited London, Berlin, Las Vegas, Chicago, and New York, and connected with colleagues, partners, and prospects from all walks of life. I’m also regularly encouraged to communicate with every team within the organization to better understand how we can harmonize our overall territory approach to performance marketing. Having the chance to make a significant mark on the US industry while being backed by highly advanced technology and a supportive team has been more satisfying and exciting than any of my past experiences. No other network within the US performance marketing space presents such immense potential for growth while maintaining the utmost integrity towards its clients and employees.