$550 Set-Up Fee
No monthly fee
for first month
($35 thereafter)
20% network fee
(applied to the validated commission)
3 month minimum term

Awin Access

Want to get started with affiliate marketing? This self-service, entry-level solution offers fast and easy access to our award-winning platform for you to grow your revenue online.
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Quick & simple program launch

With simplified integration steps and plugin options for various ecommerce platforms, advertisers can be ready to launch within hours. Immediately access Awin’s intuitive platform upon confirmation of sign-up to explore publishers and tools. Self-manage your program with ease by utilizing our various support options: online tutorials, wiki guides, training webinar and live chat support to answer any queries. 

Unrestricted access to our publisher directory

Full, unrestricted, access to our publisher directory within the Awin interface connects you to all publishers on the network. Search for those operating in your sector, by keyword or promotional type to help you find the publishers that will work best for your brand. 

Low cost, low-commitment

With Awin Access, you will be able to drive new customers and sales, on a reduced commitment, with no setup costs and low-risk commercials.

Fee Structure

Fee Structure

The network fee is calculated from the validated commission amount. For example, if commission to a publisher was 10% and they drove a customer to your website that made $100 purchase, $10 would go to the publisher and $2 to Awin. Payment is by ACH Debit only. Awin requires a $150 payment on account before program launch in case of an ACH debit processing failure, this is refundable upon closure subject to any required deductions.

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Awin Access - begin your affiliate journey with our self-managed solution

Awin Access offers a low-cost, low-commitment solution to affiliate marketing, enabling online businesses to reach new customers at a guaranteed return on ad spend. Once integrated with our intuitive platform, you will be able to immediately build direct partnerships with over 241,000 vetted partners in the US and around the globe. We offer online tutorials, ad hoc live chat and access to our reporting suite to support your setup and to guide your program management.

Our technology is data-compliant and designed to protect consumer privacy, which provides peace of mind in a growing data-conscious world. The simple implementation of our industry-leading tracking along with secure plug and play adtech partners, gives you comprehensive insights into converting journeys and the ability to boost your presence, traffic and sales - all vital to any business looking to successfully compete online.

Technology to drive growth

Awin's easy to use, powerful tools are designed to streamline workflow processes and ease program management.

Intuitive, easy-to-use platform

Awin's easy-to-use platform is designed to make managing affiliate programs easy.  With a simple navigation bar and wide range of effective tools and features, as well as a full reporting suite, the Awin platform is designed to aid any marketing operation, whether an individual or a full digital marketing team. 

Opportunity Marketplace

Use Awin’s unique Opportunity Marketplace to discover new affiliates to work with, and open conversations with them directly regarding their placement opportunities.  Publishers can use this space to advertize any opportunities they have to advertisers across the network, who can purchase these placements, find publishers with key demographic bases or test new promotional methods. 

Full Reporting Suite

Analyse your performance with our wide range of reports that allow you to have both a broad view and drill-down into your analytics by multiple factors, such as date, publisher and voucher code used. Get instant, in-depth information about each click and sale. Find out about banner usage, text links and transaction details to see more detail on your affiliate program’s performance.

Easy integration with ecommerce platform and tracking systems




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How Awin Access grows your business online

The benefits to advertisers using affiliate marketing are many, including:

Expand your audience with content creators

Every publisher that an advertiser works with has a unique and new demographicThrough the publisher’s promotional methods, the advertiser is exposed to this potential new audience.   

As an advertiser, it can be hard to find individual connections to websites that would have a strong affinity with your brand.  Affiliate marketing instantly opens up thousands of opportunities as you join an affiliate network. Working with Awin, advertisers have access to over 241,000 active publishers in the US and globally.

Cost-effective performance model

Traditional marketing methods require advertisers to pay for advertisements regardless of their success in converting sales. Comparatively, advertisers who use the cost per acquisition method benefit from guaranteed ROAS, meaning they only pay a commission when a sale is confirmed.  The average ROI of the affiliate channel is high, currently averaging $1: $16.  This low risk, high return form of advertising allows advertisers to partner with a wide range of publishers across variety of performance metrics. It also opens the ability to test unknown or new propositions without wasting budget or increasing Cost Per Sale metrics. 

Easy to track and measure performance

Unlike other forms of advertising, affiliate marketing is both easy to monitor and measure.  With real-time tracking of all sales generated online, marketing teams have direct access to accurate reporting and insight into their program success across a variety of metrics to inform program optimization strategies. 

Build a brand reputation

Affiliate marketing gives advertisers the opportunity to grow their reach by tapping into the trusted relationships a publisher has established with their online audience. In promoting products and services, this trust is transferred from the publisher to the advertiser, which results in more sales, but also supports brand reputation and brand awareness. Additionally, the more a brand is promoted online, the better it will rank organically.