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Faster and more consistent payments

Get paid for validated transactions regardless of when Awin is paid by the advertiser. Minimizing payment delays, programs offering accelerated payments can be identified within the Awin plaform by the green circle under 'Payment Status.'

Intuitive, easy-to-use platform

Awin's easy-to-use platform is designed to make managing affiliate campaigns a breeze. With clear, consistent labels and layouts, a wide range of simple but effective tools and features, and a full reporting suite, the Awin platform is designed to aid any marketing operation, whether you're a blogger, influencer or full digital marketing team. Monitor your campaigns, optimize performance and reveal powerful insights.

Expert support team

We operate local publisher management teams in each market, as well as a global publisher team, who are able to coordinate across multiple markets for international publishers. These teams are experts in their local market and can offer insights and support for all levels of publisher requests and questions. Awin also features dedicated experts across the retail, technology, finance, travel, mass media and  influencer sectors to offer tailored support and recommendations to publishers within these fields.

How affiliate marketing works

Whether you're a traditional publisher, mass media partner, blogger, vlogger, owner of a page on social media or share content with an audience online, you can become an Awin affiliate - we have lots of affiliate success stories to share. Here's how it works.

Connect with the right advertiser brands

Find advertisers to promote that best fit with your audience in our Advertiser Directory, filterable by sector.

Promote brands to your audience

Easily generate trackable links or images to add to your website, blog or content. Trackable links or images are easily generated through the Awin interface, and these can be used to add to your website, blog or social media accounts to promote individual products, services or advertiser brands. 

Visitor follows link

Encourage your visitors to click through to an advertiser site via your links. Any visits from your site will be tracked back to you and recorded within your Awin dashboards.

Get commission from sales

Advertisers pay a commission for approved sales referred from your site. These will also be recorded on your Awin dashboards, with details like order value and the value of commission you've earned.

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Tools for Awin affiliates

Find the right advertisers

Find the right advertisers

Browse the profiles of every advertiser on the network, using the sales regions and industry filters. Get in touch to join and start promoting the brands you love.

Easily generate trackable links

Easily generate trackable links

Increase your earnings by turning any advertiser's product link or image into a trackable link, using our deeplink generator.

Stay up-to-date with offers and promotions

Stay up-to-date with offers and promotions

Sign up to our publisher newsletter, to have the latest news and promotions delivered straight to your inbox. Find the latest offers from your advertisers using our incentive finder.

Track your performance

Track your performance

Analyze your performance with our customizable reports that allow you to have both a broad view and drill-down into your analytics by multiple factors. Get instant, in-depth information about each click. Find out about banner location, campaign name and each transaction to get more detailed feedback on your performance.

Optimize your performance with advanced tools

Optimize your performance with advanced tools

Access the latest product information from your advertisers and automatically integrate onto your website. Automate your business by integrating our data and functionality into your own platform. Monitor and adapt your performance in real-time, by integrating your platform with shared tracking.

Receive faster and more-consistent payments

Receive faster and more-consistent payments

Get paid for validated transactions, regardless of when Awin is paid by the advertiser, with programs offering accelerated payments.