Life at Awin

Jesse Ashkin

Getting it done, USA style

To kick off 2015, our US Country Manager ordered new coffee mugs for the office, with the Awin logo on one side, and the maxim, “Get Sh*t Done” printed on the other. These were a huge hit with the team and a great start to what would ultimately be an exciting, busy, and successful year. 

The mugs are perfect for our office. While this may sound cliché, they illustrate our work hard, play hard mentality and totally encompass the goals and mindset at Awin.  

We also love coffee! We receive regular shipments of 5 pound bags of coffee, and there is almost always a pot of coffee brewing at any given time of day. Having branded coffee mugs allows us to proudly enjoy our multiple cups a day, and we are never without a clean mug for any new staff joiners or office guests! 

Most importantly, the mugs serve as a constant reminder of our overall purpose while in the office; Get Sh*t Done. 

This is a slogan that every department and every individual can get behind. A guiding statement to be proactive in solving problems. An empowerment, to do what you need to do, to help the company as a whole, and meet our goals. An encouraging motto to help everyone feel responsible for their actions while understanding how their personal work and personal goals contribute to the larger group targets. 

Fueled by a drive to Get Sh*t Done, and by coffee, we have had a whirlwind of a year! It’s truly an exciting time to be a part of the Awin team. After just over 4 years here, I’m still inspired by the potential for growth, both personally in my own role and for the business as a whole. As Awin continues to grow and evolve, I know these mugs will make the journey with us, inspiring others to Get Sh*t Done!