Role Profiles

Technical Integration Service Specialist

Technical Integration Service Specialist, Awin US

My name is Jordan Esty and I have been working at Awin as a Technical Integration Service Specialist since June 2016.

In my role, some of the day-to-day activities include assisting advertisers with integrating our tracking code and providing solutions to help streamline the process, running SQL queries, as well as performing test transactions and analyzing header captures. In addition, I am responsible for providing solutions to support tickets. Every day presents new challenges and you will develop different ways to resolve the issues at hand, as they present themselves.

Having a background in Computer Science, I’m able to apply many of the same management skills, analytic skills and problem solving methodologies, which I learned while pursuing my degree. The tasks and responsibilities of this position do require continuous communication with contacts through email, phone, or Skype and because our reach is global, I have communicated with people from many different parts of the world.  Being able to convey the necessary information in a format in which our customers will understand is a required skill, as contacts may not be the most familiar with the terminology.

In this position, persistence and an eagerness to learn are vital.  At first, it all may seem intimidating, but integrations and support tickets are so frequent that you learn quickly and there are many readily available contacts and resources for your consumption.  Our company is expanding in the US and North America every day and it is very rewarding to be a part of the team behind the scenes, helping companies expand their advertising reach. As the field of Affiliate Marketing continues to grow and transform, I welcome the challenges that will come with it in order to assist Awin and grow with it.