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Yroo compares millions of products from thousands of stores, empowering shoppers to find anything they're looking for at the best price. Their mission is to deliver relevant and personalized shopping information, powered by machine learning and enriched data. Yroo is able to remove buyers remorse and drive above-average converting traffic to merchants. On Awin, they work with advertisers like HP, Merlin Cycles, TheHut, and Coggles
Monotote is an e-commerce platform that helps publishers to enable visitors of websites, blogs and online magazines to purchase products directly from photos, videos and online advertisements. With Monotote, visitors can check out on the publisher’s website, blog or online magazine via a native shopping cart - without ever needing to redirect traffic away from the content they are consuming. 
RevLifter helps advertisers deploy personalized deals in real-time before a customer makes a purchase by reading the contents of their shopping cart. This allows advertisers to upsell and cross-sell in real time. RevLifter accomplishes this through their two technologies RevPage, an advertiser branded coupon landed page, and RevConvert, intelligent site overlays that minimize site abandonment. New to Awin, RevLifter is launching campaigns with several well-known US network advertisers at the moment. 
Shopping Links is an influencer and content marketplace that makes it easier for brands and agencies to reach new audiences, track conversion, and increase revenues through establishing meaningful blogger relationships. Brands can identify and engage the right influencers using the detailed demographic and reach data that their platform provides, then track  results to see the real-time ROI by blogger. New to Awin US, Shopping Links has already performed well for a recently-launched campaign with Missguided.