Interview: ASOS share Black Friday 2018 plans

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Find out what ASOS learnt from Black Friday 2017 in an exclusive Q&A where Jessica Cheung provides her own personal views drawing from her experience.

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What does your business do, and what would you say makes it an exciting company/brand?

We empower 20-somethings to be who they want to be, by providing fashion and beauty that help them look and feel their best. We’ve always been a leader in the online fashion space, ASOS is always innovating because we don’t just try and mimic youth culture or profit from it, we live and breathe it (and afterall, employees are customers too!), trying to anticipate what our customers will want before they know it themselves.

What do you think of global retail events like Black Friday? Are they a positive thing for your business or do they make your job harder?

Black Friday is still a relatively new thing in the UK, but for a Global business like ASOS, I think it’s positive. It allows us to meet demand in those countries where Black Friday and Thanksgiving are traditionally big seasonal moments. I’ll admit that it doesn’t make my job EASY, especially in the lead-up, but Cyber Weekend is always an exciting few days to see if we can beat last year’s numbers!

What did you learn from Black Friday 2017 and how has that been implemented in your 2018 plans?

Cyber weekend 2018 is still a little up-in-the-air, but in terms of the Affiliate Channel, we know the dates, we’ve got everything booked in. We know what exposure works from last year so we’ve repeated exposure with certain priority partners as well as trialling new affiliates that have grown throughout 2018.

What value can affiliates contribute to an advertiser’s objectives during Black Friday?

I think because the online fashion space is so competitive now, affiliates can really help us cut through the noise of other brand’s offers, especially if they can see the value in ASOS and the fact our proposition is so strong.

How do you think Black Friday and the wider Cyber Weekend are evolving? What do you think these events will look like in the future?

I think in the future offers for Black Friday might become personalised vs blanket discounts off everything; we definitely want to do more around targeting but of course GDPR has made this slightly more difficult. I think voice and augmented reality will start playing a huge part, binding the online and offline retail worlds together, so we’ll be absolutely bombarded by offers on BF in the future.


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