Superdry FR: Rewarding on Influence

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Awin racconta come ha coinvolto gli influencer marketing sul programma di affiliazione di Superdry, assicurando che siano ricompensati.


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Superdry’s aim was to recruit as many influencers and bloggers as possible on to its affiliate programme and encourage them to promote the brand. As the sportswear market is particularly competitive online, the challenge would be to gain support and promotion for the Superdry brand amongst bloggers.


Taking advantage of the launch of its new collection, Superdry worked with its account management team to launch a recruitment campaign aimed towards the blogger network, offering a payment on influence. The recruitment campaign ran for a period of three months, 1st March – 31st May 2017, with a bonus of €4 per influence on all qualified sales (not returned or refunded) alongside CPA for completed sales for the affiliate.

What is payment on influence?

Payment on influence allows affiliates to be rewarded for their influence on the programme when not converting a sale, and the content they produce. In practice, bloggers will see a bonus attributed to their account for each sale they have influenced (or assisted), but where they were not the last click referrer. In other words, bloggers are rewarded for generating the first click, or any other click within the customer journey whilst another affiliate (or other channel) has been rewarded for the completed sale. However, if a blogger achieves the final click and is due the CPA, they will not receive an influence payment.


The results were outstanding, even when compared to the previous three months which includes the January sale period.

  • 35 bloggers joined the programme
  • Traffic generated by bloggers on the programme increased by 38%
  • Sales doubled in volume
  • Premium deals between advertiser and affiliate were put in place
  • Costs were moderate
  • Bloggers were delighted with the results

Motivated by these results, Superdry will continue to run the campaign for the next three months, until the end of October.