Meet the US Team

Our team consists of passionate and experienced people, who love what they do and always look forward to new challenges.

Alexandra Forsch President

Alexandra Forsch


Alexandra Forsch is a seasoned online marketing professional with nearly 20 years of experience and a proven record of outperforming corporate goals through strategic planning, account acquisition and management, innovation, staff development and project executions. Alex has a strong background in performance marketing, media planning and buying, online marketing solutions, strategic and financial planning, team building and client relations. She started her journey with us in 2011 as Head of Account Management for and quickly progressed to lead the full North America operation, developing a high performing team and successful partner network as well as overseeing the US migration of to Affiliate Window, and later the rebrand to Awin in 2016. In 2019, Alex was appointed President of all US operations when unifying leadership of Awin and ShareASale, with goals to expand upon our strategic solutions offered to clients across both platforms in North America.

Seth Goroff Vice President, US

Seth Goroff

Vice President, US

Seth Goroff is a thought leader in the affiliate space, having over 13 years of digital marketing experience with a focus on growth, cross-channel strategy and cultivating cohesive and motivated teams, specifically at the global level. His vast experience has allowed him to see the industry from a variety of perspectives, helping him systematically develop comprehensive departments from the ground up. Seth excels at driving growth for first in class local and global brands. He has participated in multiple acquisitions most recently being an affiliate network merger. Seth is a firm believer that, “Happy people work harder,” and business is personal. He has put a major focus on building teams and helping people develop in their careers. At Awin, Seth will be working towards evolving the process through the ever-changing affiliate space, developing efficiencies and company development through forward-looking growth projects and client-focused success.

Joris Cretien Partner Growth Director, US

Joris Cretien

Partner Growth Director, US

Joris Cretien has been a staple of the performance marketing industry for the past decade. Beginning his career in New York City as an affiliate marketing coordinator for, Joris joined Awin legacy brand zanox in 2012. Working his way up the ranks in zanox’s global account management team in London to Global Account Director, Joris moved from global advertiser management to US publisher management for Awin legacy brand Affiliate Window’s Baltimore operation in 2015, before ultimately assuming his current role as Partner Growth Director for Awin US in 2022. As Partner Growth Director for Awin’s North American operations, Joris has strategic oversight over all publisher success and development activity across the Awin and ShareASale networks. Furthermore, Joris is responsible for representation of the publisher management team to internal stakeholders, interacting with central functions to improve how publisher development and publisher success are executed.

Rachel Tyrer Partnership Development Director, US

Rachel Tyrer

Partnership Development Director, US

Rachel Tyrer joined Awin as an Account Develop Executive for legacy brand Affiliate Window in 2013. Responsible for day-to-day management of program support for accounts operating on our US network, Rachel flourished within the team, rising to her current role of Partnership Development Director, US, for Awin in 2022. As Partnership Development Director, Rachel and her team develop and deliver program strategies for clients, devising innovative and new account management ideas to produce competitive and successful affiliate programs for brands and agencies operating on Awin and ShareASale. Furthermore, in 2017, Rachel secured the ‘Best Managed Affiliate Program (US)’ award at the International Performance Marketing Awards for her work and strategic oversight of Superdry’s US affiliate program with Awin.

Jesse Ashkin Client Success Director, US

Jesse Ashkin

Client Success Director, US

Jesse Ashkin is the Client Success Director, US, at Awin. Having been with Awin for the past seven years - joining the company in 2012 - Jesse began her career as an Account Development Executive, growing within the US account management function to her role as Client Success Director in 2022. Jesse and her team are responsible for managing all key accounts across Awin’s North American operation, providing expertly tailored strategy, management and guidance to clients in support of meeting program objectives. Additionally in 2018, Jesse and her team were recognized for their best-in-class account management, winning ‘Best Managed Affiliate Program (US)’ at the International Performance Marketing Awards for their work on the HP affiliate program.