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Awin's complete tracking solution allows advertisers to record and report on an extensive range of data points, including basket value, number of products, product type, new or existing customers, use of a coupon code and click-to-sale lag time. Awin also offers a range of additional technical products which can be used alongside each affiliate program to optimize and enhance an advertiser's offering, including cross-device tracking, coupon code tracking and commission by basket value. In addition, our complete tracking solution works with any browser to ensure you will never miss a sale. Influencer tracking is a key feature of Awin's reporting, allowing advertisers to see which publishers are having an impact on consumers and encouraging clicks throughout the purchase journey without being the last touchpoint, and therefore potentionally being under-rewarded when looking at the wider channel performance.


SingleView is a data-driven, unbiased, multi-touch attribution (MTA) platform that solves the most common question in marketing: ‘Which types of media offer the greatest value?’ 

Unlike other attribution technology, SingleView requires no complicated technical integration. Sitting in Awin’s first-party tracking solution MasterTag, it easily empowers brands to assess which combinations of media formats deliver the best return on advertising spend (ROAS). Built using game theory, the technology offers entirely impartial recommendations, drilled down to individual partners and campaigns. 

With a purely data-driven approach, advertisers can shift budgets based on which marketing activities drive maximum value - individual partners, campaigns, wider channels, etc. Ultimately, SingleView provides a cost-effective way to help retailers look beyond last-click measurement and offers insights via an easy-to-use platform that can also be accessed via APIs for direct integration to existing client reporting systems. 

To implement SingleView on your own Awin affiliate program or if you have any questions, please contact Awin’s global strategic partnerships team.   

Bounceless Tracking

Exclusively available within the our MasterTag technology is Awin’s innovative tracking method Bounceless Tracking - the next generation of affiliate tracking to futureproof your business. Released alongside our Tracking Optimization Plugin at the end of 2019, Bounceless Tracking is built with a privacy-by-design approach and sits as the foundation of all future Awin technology and advancements.

Bounceless Tracking sends a user directly to an advertiser’s website without any redirects. The tracking call is made asynchronously without affecting the user journey in any way for smoother, faster user-focused affiliate tracking. In addition to quicker time to site – which correlates with improved conversion rates - Bounceless Tracking is our most accurate tracking to date and offers greater visibility on the referring pages, which can be seen in Awin's Transaction Reports.

Upgrade to the new standard of affiliate tracking today.

Cross-Device Tracking

With an increase in recent years of multi-screening and over 65% of purchase journeys reported to be carried out across multiple devices, Awin's cross-device tracking solution was developed to allow advertisers to reward publishers for multi-device journey transactions. The ability to track cross device gives advertisers true understanding of how the performance channel drives customers, where previously anybody interacting with the channel across more than one device was instantly lost.

Awin's cross-device tracking solution is based on a determinalistic algorithm and offers the most accurate representation of multi-device transactions we believe possible, using a database of unique user profiles to connect corresponding usage across multiple platforms.

These multi-device journey transactions are easily identifiable within our interface, and are depicted with a multi-device image within device tracking fields.

Coupon Attribution

This feature allows an advertiser program to give an exclusive coupon code to a publisher and track all transactions made using that code even if no affiliate cookie is present, as well as if it’s been allocated to another channel by the advertiser. The publisher is rewarded commission for sales made using the exclusive code.  

Coupon attribution helps to facilitate and open up partnerships between advertisers and social media influencers who are either unable to use affiliate links on certain platforms, or do not wish to use traditional tracking methods, with no setup involved for the publisher. It also provides an additional cost-per-acquisition (CPA) payment model, maintaining ROI for the advertiser and ensuring the control of spend against coupon code activity.

There are setup requirements needed to use this feature, so please speak to your account manager if you'd like to know more about using this tool on the Awin network.

Commission Flexibility

Awin's unique platform offers a range of payment flexibility options that allows advertisers to collaborate with different types of publishers across different campaigns, bringing new objectives into the affiliate channel. Within the interface there are a number of options:

Payment on Influence
Payment on Influence allows an advertiser to assign a fixed commission amount for publishers who facilitate a click as part of a purchase journey, without obtaining the last click. This way of working is popular with upper-funnel publishers, who are often influential in the decision making process during the research phase of a customer's journey.

Commission by Basket Value
The commission by basket value tool allows an advertiser to adapt their commission structure for one or more affiliates working on the program for a fixed period of time. With no additional integration, defined limits can be added to allow publishers to be paid on a differing model to the main program commission structure, which can be used to encourage increased order values through cashback and loyalty platforms, key product ranges or focus on higher purchases across the program.

CPC Campaigns
Using the CPC campaigns tool, advertisers can set up CPC (cost-per-click) agreements with publishers in a more streamlined way, setting rates and budgets for each campaign, as well as easily monitoring the impact these campaigns are having. Both advertisers and publishers will have visibility over the daily clicks tracked and a clear indication of what revenue is driven by CPC commission.

CPL or CPD Campaigns
We are able to run cost-per-lead (CPL) or cost-per-download (CPD) campaigns on a program-by-program basis, allowing advertisers to reward publishers for driving leads, newsletter sign ups, brochure requests or a range of other quantifiable actions. CPD campaigns are usually run on an app-download basis. If either of these options are something you'd like to discuss further, please contact our new business team.

Promotional Tools

Awin's interface has a number of tools to aid with the promotion of each advertiser's affiliate program. Each of these are part of our standard program set up and should be available to use on all programs on the Awin network.

Opportunity Marketplace
Use Awin's Opportunity Marketplace to discover new affiliates to work with, and open conversations with them directly regarding their placement opportunities. Opportunity Marketplace offers publishers a space to advertise any placements, blogs and sponsorship opportunities to advertisers across the network from a centralized point, including details of reach, timing, cost and demographic relevance. Advertisers can then use these to contact and buy placements, find publishers with key demographic bases, or test new promotional methods.

News Manager
Communicate new offers quickly and easily to your whole affiliate base via our News Manager tool. Create simple HTML layouts including tracking links that will autopopulate when sent out to each affiliate via our interface.

The Hub
The Hub is our portal for posting affiliate news and content related to your program.  The ideal place for key announcements, sale messaging, offers and new releases, all content can be added quickly and easily to the platform and is connected to your advertiser profile.

My Offers
By adding key promotional messaging and landing pages to the My Offers feed, publishers are given immediate access to these as soon as they go live. For any publisher using Awin APIs, these offers will be automatically added to their site, immediately offering a wealth of affiliates to promote key offer messaging.