Back to Basics

We have a wealth of documentation available to help develop a market leading affiliate program. In these back to basics guides, we cover all fundamental aspects of affiliate marketing.


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To maximize your affiliate marketing efforts it’s important to know and understand the tools available to you. We outlined some key features of the Awin platform and how to best use them.
Social media and Influencer Marketing might commonly be associated with eCommerce and retail brands, but these powerful tactics readily apply across all industries, from lifestyle to professional services. Maximizing the value of self-published content can be a challenge, particularly with limited resources, but the added value of influencers can help brands across all industries effectively reach consumers in a way that inspires genuine enthusiasm.
The challenge of tracking cross-device transactions is a critical one for all digital marketers, but for a channel premised on being paid for conversions, it takes on a heightened importance.
Conversion is at the heart of affiliate marketing. The channel is perceived to offer a functional route to market that is low in risk and generates a great return on investment for retailers. It is also mainstream with major advertisers around the globe running an affiliate marketing campaign.