Cyber Weekend around the world

From North America to Australia and every Awin market in between, we have compiled key insights from Black Friday and Cyber Weekend 2017. 

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Built in Tableau Public, our interactive dashboard - featuring data from both the Awin and affilinet networks - allows you to drill down into the relevant global and local insights from the events by selecting a territory of interest. You can filter the data by any advertiser sectors, and all figures can then be shown in local currencies and time zones.
Along with key metrics like revenue, traffic, orders, commission and AOV, the report brings further interesting highlights. View the percentage of international orders and top-performing cities, as well as mobile year on year growth and a peak hour snapshot. Fine-tune the report for niche publisher sectors or mobile-specific growth to complement your own Black Friday and Cyber Monday findings. The report is available to everyone on Tableau Public, and will be accompanying a wider collection of insights we will be drawing together across the Cyber Weekend.
For help using the report, you can click on the help feature, which explains how to use and read each section. For further questions, please get in touch.