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You spoke, Awin listened. After countless suggestions and advice from our bloggers, we have created a new Facebook group dedicated to you.

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Our new group – Awin For Bloggers, is the home for Awin bloggers to get the latest scoop on new programs, special deals, best practices, making the most from your blog and just having fun hanging out together! Discussions are limited to Awin-related topics, as determined by the group administrators. Members are encouraged to ask questions about Awin and we’ll do our best to help you, so please feel free to do so!

Some topics we will discuss in the group are:

  • New program launches
  • How to use the Interface
  • Using Awin tools
    • Convert-a-link
    • Opportunity Marketplace
    • Discount code/promotions feed
  • Industry events
  • Special Merchant Offers
  • Sharing marketing strategies
    • Choosing merchants
    • Incorporating links into sites
    • Working with Awin partners
  • General assistance

What are you waiting for? Join our Facebook group now!

Any questions? Please contact Jeannine.