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International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

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In honor of this year's International Women's Day (Sunday, March 8), some of the wonderful women who comprise the North American Awin Group team celebrate the strong females that inspire them, not only on International Women's Day, but every day of the year. 

Parrish Essell, new business executive at ShareASale, on how her materal and paternal grandmothers inspire her: 

"I really look up to my grandmothers, they both came from tough beginnings in their own ways. Both were depression-era babies and each saw siblings go into WWII.  My maternal grandmother was feisty and nurturing; she went to college and made a career for herself. My paternal grandmother loves to learn and has traveled all over the world. They both have taught me to love knowledge, support those around me, how to travel and inspire me with the love they have for their family."

Awin Campaign Assistant Michelle Urso celebrates her Aunt Gina's strength and determination: 

"My Aunt Gina is hands down the strongest and hardest working person I know. At the age of 22, with no college degree, she moved away from home to take a job as a receptionist. Fast forward to today, she is the president and chief financial officer of that same company. My Aunt Gina is currently facing her biggest battle yet - breast cancer. Despite this obstacle, she is stronger than ever and hasn’t let this stop her from taking on 23-mile bike rides, maintaining a rigorous work schedule, traveling , and participating in Mud Run competitions with friends. I am constantly inspired by her work ethic and determination. I can only hope that I grow up to be half the women she is."

Located in Chicago, our Junior Partner Compliance Specialist Rebecca Stern, admires groundbreaking scientist Marie Curie and her incredible contributions to society:

"Marie Curie was not a giant among female scientists; she was a giant among scientists, period. As the discoverer of radioactivity and two new elements (polonium and radium), her impact on society cannot be overstated.  She was not only the first woman to win a Nobel prize – she was the first person of any gender to win two, and to date the only person to ever win prizes in two separate fields (chemistry and physics).

During WWI she was compelled to contribute to the war effort and developed the first transportable radiography units, used for rapid battlefield diagnosis and surgery. She eventually became the director of the Red Cross Radiology Service. Her commitment to the cause was such that she attempted to donate her Nobel medals to the government to be melted down for their gold (this offer was turned down by France). Moreover, she refused to patent her discoveries and technology in the belief that other researchers should be free to develop her ideas.

Curie eventually contracted and died of aplastic anemia, likely as a result of her extensive exposure to radiation – but not before breaking down barriers for every future girl and woman in STEM."

Jeannine Crooks, partner acquisition & development manager at Awin, strives to honor her revolutionary relative's legacy: 

"My inspiration is a family one – Dr. Ida Scudder (Scudder is my maiden name.) As a missionary’s child in India, she saw three women and babies die in childbirth in a single night because their orthodox customs would not allow treatment by a male practitioner. That night changed her life. She returned to the US, resolved to become a physician, and graduated from medical school in 1899. Upon returning to India she treated 5,000 patients in her first two years and quickly realized she couldn’t handle it alone. Dr. Ida ultimately founded the Christian Medical College to bring better healthcare to South India women. Today the Vellore Christian Medical College has 2,000 beds and is considered one of the premier medical colleges in India.

Dr. Ida was awarded many honors during her lifetime - including praise from the President of India, a visit from Mahatma Gandhi and even being featured on a postage stamp celebrating the centenary of the College. Though she passed in 1960 at age 89, her work continues today, saving literally millions of lives. It’s a powerful legacy that’s been passed through the generations of my family, and her dedication to service to others is something I try to honor every day.

Awin Business Intelligence Analyst Jenna Walsh counts her mother and sisters as the strongest women she knows:

"When I think of the women in my life who have inspired me, it's no contest: my mother Donna and two sisters Shannon and Camryn.  These beautiful women are resilient, brave and fearless.  Donna recently moved to Florida alone to follow through on a journey she dreamed about with her late husband, my father.  Shannon is following her heart in New York City, making waves in the financial world unapologetically and standing tall amongst a seemingly male-dominated industry.  Camryn is maxing out credits at UCONN, while still finding time to volunteer and better her community.  I'm proud and very fortunate to have these amazing (and international!) women in my village.  They are my true inspiration, and when we get together, it’s a real hoot."

Christine LaClair, who is based in Baltimore, considers herself lucky to be among other exceptional women at Awin:

"Strong, resilient, kind-hearted... those are just a few words to describe the women who work at Awin. During my time here I have had the pleasure of being able to meet and work with powerhouse women who care deeply, not only about the company, but each other, and are always striving to bring each other up. The women at Awin empower themselves and each other to do their best and achieve their goals, all while keeping a smile on their faces. I truly feel blessed to be surrounded by such inspiring women."

Continuing this sentiment is Awin Account Development Team Leader Blakeley Sears: 

"I feel very lucky to work for a company who’s US president, global and local department heads (sales, marketing and account management, to name a few) and CFO are all female. I am inspired every day by the hard work and motivation exemplified by these women."

If you would like to learn more about International Women's Day or find out how to get involved in any of their initiatives, please see their website here.

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